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Christmas Snowflake Biscuits

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Baking ingredients

  • Shortbread Dough pre-made and chilled
  • Flour
  • Apricot Jam, boiled and cooled

Decorating ingredients

  • 500 g Renshaw White Ready to Roll Icing
  • 400 g Renshaw Royal Icing Pot
  • Rainbow Dust Twinkle Dust Snow White


Prepare your Equipment:

Step 1

You will need: Lined baking tray, Rolling pin, Snowflake cutter (3 ½”), Snowflake pattern embossing rolling pin, 3mm silver dragees, Icing sugar, Pastry brush, Dusting brush, Piping bags (paper or disposable), No. 3 piping tip, Small paintbrush, Scissors

Baking the Biscuits:

Step 2

Pin out the dough on a clean surface lightly dusted with flour. Cut as many snowflakes as required using the cutter.

Step 3

Place the shapes on a lined baking tray and bake in the oven at 160c for 15 to 20 minutes until golden brown.

Step 4

Remove from the oven and allow to cool on a wire rack. Clean utensils and work surface.

Step 5

Prepare the biscuits by brushing over the surface with a thin layer of apricot jam.


Step 6

On a clean, dry surface knead the White Icing until pliable.

Step 7

Dust the work surface with icing sugar and pin out the icing until 3mm thick.

Step 8

Using the same cutter used for the biscuit dough, cut out as many snowflakes as required. Gently emboss with the rolling pin. Cover the biscuits with the Icing snowflakes and gently smooth down with the palm of your hand

Step 9

Palette a small amount of Royal Icing and place into a piping bag fitted with a No.3 tip.

Step 10

Design No.1: Dust over the covered biscuits with Twinkle Dust. Pipe a snowflake design with the Royal Icing using a variety of long and short lines. Place a dragee in the centre of the snowflake to finish.

Step 11

Design No.2: Pipe a similar snowflake design and place a dragee at each point of the shorter lines. Dab a paintbrush into the Twinkle Dust and pat onto the fresh Royal Icing snowflake to apply. 🌟 Top Tip: If the royal icing is firm and creates a peak when piped, take a small paint brush, slightly dampen with a wet cloth and gently pat down the peak.

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