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Recipes of Christmas Past

Friday 27th November 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas is always magical and, for obvious reasons, we’re all in need some of that festive spirit. If we’re being perfectly honest, while we all love our family and our gifts, food is at LEAST 50% of the Christmas experience – baked goods being an essential part of that. Traditional Christmas cake isn’t for everyone, so luckily we’ve got plenty of cool and quirky alternative festive bakes for you to attempt.

We’ve published around 70 Christmas recipes over the years, so we’d forgive you for feeling a little overwhelmed if you’ve come to our site looking for inspiration. We decided to dig deep in the vault and resurrect some of our favourite hidden Christmas gems for your viewing pleasure.

If you’re currently thinking about what you’re going to bake, let us expedite that process for you by presenting some of our personal favourite Christmas recipes that we’ve dug out from the Renshaw archives:

Christmas bow cake

We’re hoping to see plenty of presents under the tree (assuming Santa isn’t on furlough), but we could always do with one more – or at least a cake that looks like one? This pretty looking Christmas bow cake is made with our delicious Royal Icing and Ready to Roll Icing, and is perfect for anyone who wants to dabble in a bit of festive cake modelling without taking on anything too complex.

This one’s fully customisable too. Sure, the red, white and green shades in the recipe provide classic Christmassy vibes, but why not try out some alternative colour palettes that might be more to your liking? We certainly have plenty of colours available for you to try.

‘Reindeer in a Snowdrift’ cupcakes

We can’t take the credit for this one, as it comes courtesy of Victoria Davies, who submitted it for a competition we ran in 2017. Nevertheless, it’s creativity and cuteness endures which is why we felt compelled to share it again!

These adorable cupcakes combine desiccated coconut, melted chocolate and some of our gorgeous Vanilla frosting for an irresistibly rich flavour, and again, they’re very simple to make, especially for such an eye-catching design.

Wreath cake

Digging even deeper into the vault for this one – we collaborated with Colin Starfish back in 2015 to bring you this fab tutorial. If you’ve ever looked at a decorative Christmas wreath and though “I’d like to eat that,” then look no further. Also, is everything alright? Is there someone we need to call for you?

This Wreath cake features Rainbow Dust ProGel, Ready to Roll Icing and a heaping helping of buttercream, all used to stunning effect to recreate this classic piece of Christmas iconography.

Bauble cupcake toppers

Another entry in the niche genre of ‘Edible Versions of Things You Shouldn’t Want to Eat’. These Bauble cake toppers add some much needed glam to today’s offerings, as they’re accented nicely with Rainbow Dust Sugar Crystals.

Pop these bad boys onto some cupcakes (can be shop bought, we won’t tell) for some festive bites that everyone can enjoy.

Chocolate Marzipan rounds

Fruit, nuts and chocolate are essential Christmas flavours, so these cute little Chocolate Marzipan rounds should satisfy everyone. Our delicious Marzipan doesn’t get nearly enough love either, so here’s a way to reintroduce it to your life.

The abstract design makes for an eye-catching snack that should impress all your loved ones even though these are SUPER easy to make.

Perfect Match cookies

You may have seen these ones quite recently, but we’re giving them another plug as these beauties really deserve your attention. As part of ‘The Perfect Match’ we’ve just launched these two tutorials from our fab Renshaw Academy Ambassadors Chrissie Boon and Nicholas Lodge. Chrissie pairs Royal Icing with Metallic Paints for her lovely festive mug cookies, while Nicholas uses Royal Icing and ProGel to great effect for his winter knit cookies.

What’s ‘The Perfect Match’, you ask? We’ve been showing you how perfectly Renshaw and Rainbow Dust Colours products work together over the last few months, so if you’re liking how our ambassadors have paired these products then you might want to check out our Perfect Match homepage for all the latest matches.

That’s all from us! Are you feeling inspired? Let us know if you get up to any Christmas baking, whether you use our recipes or not! Get in touch on social @renshawbaking.

Stay safe, and happy baking!