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Put A Little Spring In Your Baking

Wednesday 8th April 2015

The seasons always provide great inspiration for baking, with the changes in nature providing ideas for flavours and decorations for your cakes and biscuits.

Spring is one of the most vibrant of all seasons as it sweeps away the cold austerity of winter in an explosion of colour and life, so take advantage of it by putting a little spring in your baking. Here are a few spring themed baking projects for you.

Spring Chicks Cake Pops


Spring is the season of new life, renewal and regeneration so it’s no wonder animal themed cakes are a big hit this time of year. Spring chicks are already on everyone’s radar thanks to Easter, and honestly who doesn’t love those little balls of cheeping yellow fuzz?

These oh-so cute cake pops are made by the incredible Bakerella and are so adorable. They use a basic cake pop recipe so shouldn’t present too much of a challenge, and you can use our yellow Colour Melts for the coating. These are ideal for a spring birthday or to take on a picnic.

Daffodil Biscuit Pops

Does any flower scream spring like daffodils? Although they seem to appear earlier and earlier each year, they’re definitely an icon of the season and including them in your baking is a must.

Our yellow and Tiger Orange Ready to Roll Icing are strong and vivid, making these daffodil biscuit pops an easy and effective way to evoke the qualities of spring in your baking. You can check out our recipe here.

Bumblebee Cupcakes

Have you already spotted bees buzzing from flower to flower, busily gathering up nectar for their hives? The gentle thrum of their wings is one of the sounds of spring, a sure sign that winter is gone and summer can’t be far off. So celebrate their re-emergence by whipping up a batch of our bee cupcakes.

A simple cupcake recipe that you can cobble together with basic ingredients is brought to life with the delicious taste of chocolate frosting and a chubby bumblebee which can be made with our Ready to Roll Icing by even the most inexperienced sugarcrafter. Here’s our recipe.

Spring Wedding Cake

Spring is a favourite time for weddings, and this stunning cake and accompanying treats by the folks at Nice Icing is a true spring extravaganza.

Of course this level of sugarcrafting is something special, but why not try something similar, incorporating the soft pastel colours of spring, and the flower, butterfly and bird motifs for your next cake? You’ll be surprised how the right colour choices and one or two simple decorations can bring spring to your cake.

We hope these ideas inspire you to try a spring baking project. Be sure to share the results with us on social media, we can’t wait to see them!