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Pastel Wedding Cake Tutorial by Bake With Sarah

Friday 30th June 2017

Sarah Sibley of
Bake With Sarah is our special guest judge for July’s Recipe of the Month Challenge. This month’s theme is all about weddings, and Sarah has created this simply beautiful pastel wedding cake tutorial to celebrate!

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But let’s get back to the wedding cake tutorial….this cake is perfect for anyone planning on making their first wedding cake, or for those who want a simple but effective design. Use pastel coloured Ready to Roll Icing to cover the wedding cake tiers for a lovely summery feel, and make easy ruffled flowers with Flower and Modelling Paste to add a bit of elegance.

What you will need

  • 1x 5″ Cake filled, crumb coated and on a thin card
  • 1x 6″ Cake filled, crumb coated and on a thin card
  • 1x 7″ Cake filled, crumb coated and on a thin card
  • 1x 8″ Cake filled, crumb coated and on a thin card
  • 12″ round cake board
  • White ribbon
  • Diamante ribbon
  • Dowels
  • Renshaw Royal Icing
  • 3x 250g Pastel Green Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing
  • 2x 250g Lilac Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing
  • 2x 250g Pastel Yellow Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing
  • 1x 250g Pink Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing
  • 50g White Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste
  • Rolling pin
  • Smoother
  • Pizza wheel / sharp knife
  • Cornflour
  • 3x small round fluted cutters
  • Cone tool
  • Edible glue
  • Paintbrush

Covering and stacking the cake

Step 1

Knead your chosen colour of Ready to Roll Icing on a clean, dry surface until smooth and pliable. Roll out on a little icing sugar, wide enough to cover the first tier of your cake.

Step 2

Cover each of the prepared cakes with a different colour of Ready to Roll Icing, using your hands and a smoother to get a good finish.

Step 3

Use a pizza wheel or a sharp knife to trim the excess paste.

Step 4

Measure and cut 8 cake dowels to the same depth as the 8″ cake, and insert these within the area that will be covered by the next tier. Repeat this for the 7″ and 6″ cakes.

Step 5

Attach the 8″ tier to a base cake board using a little Renshaw Royal Icing. Attach each tier above this with more Royal Icing.

Step 6

Add some diamante ribbon to the cake board and some white ribbon to the base of each tier.

Modelling the flowers

Step 7

Knead the white modelling paste until smooth and pliable, then roll out nice and thinly.

Step 8

Using the 3 smallest fluted cutters from a set, cut out 4 small, 8 medium and 4 large circles.

Step 9

Then, using a cone tool, gently feather the edges of the circles by rolling the tool from side to side on each of the curves.

Step 10

Once they have all been feathered, use edible glue to stick the layers on top of each other, making 4 flowers each made up of 1 large, 2 medium and 1 small circle.

Step 11

Then, use some more edible glue to stick the 4 flowers to the side of the cake, alternating them from one side to the other.

Step 12

Roll a small ball of each of the 4 coloured pastel icings and then use your finger to gently flatten each one slightly.

Step 13

Use the end of the cone tool to add a pitted texture to each of the flattened balls.

Step 14

Finally, stick the coloured balls into the centre of the flower on the tier of the same colour using edible glue.