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Not Your Usual Sugar Flowers

Tuesday 9th May 2017

Roses are the number one sugar flowers we always see, particularly on celebration cakes and cupcakes for small occasions. Whether they’re made of sugarpaste, flower and modelling paste, royal icing or buttercream, they always seem to be the first choice when it comes to flowers. If you’re looking at creating something different for your next creation, but you’re unsure what the alternatives may be, read on!

Cactus or…Cabbages?

Whether you’re celebrating Mother’s Day, a birthday, or just any old Sunday, and you intend to bake something a bit more original, you can choose amongst buttercream cactus and succulents, or even try these cabbages in full bloom below! Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes create all sorts of ‘unusual’ plants and flowers, working with buttercream to bring you some very original designs.

Gradually add edible colouring gels to the buttercream to ensure you achieve different shades of green and obtain this natural look. Who knows when you’ll be called upon to create cabbages like these!

Stunning Succulents

Not sure if succulents would look good on a cake?
Greggy Soriano will prove you wrong with his Terranium Crest Cake; watch him here as he teaches you how to make ranunculus, foliage and other flowers in an arrangement. This is a delicious chocolate hazelnut cake with a hazelnut Dacquoise bottom and Nutella filling.

If you’ve never attempted working with buttercream, why not try these cute little cupcakes instead of starting with a complicated cake? Bright colours, great flavours and ideal for practicing your piping skills, these are easy to enjoy with family and friends and you can experiment with different types of plants before moving on to more complex designs. Watch
Kawaii Sweet World show you how to use different nozzles to create different effects and give you her tips on how to create this ‘sandy-effect’ right here.

Tree Stump Cake

If you are looking at creating something a bit more ‘classic’, but you still want to stay away from roses, why not try this
Buttercream Tree Stump Cake by Fancy Favours & Edible Art. Watch her create a realistic effect in her step-by-step tutorial and get inspired for your next creation. This is perfect for a children’s birthday party and everyone will enjoy a bit of extra chocolate!

Mini Mushrooms and Toadstools

Often overlooked, these small ‘accessories’ by
Zoe’s Fancy Cakes will neatly complete your boards for an overall woodland-effect on your next cake. Mushrooms and toadstools are at the centre of attention in this video and we know they really do add that extra touch to your cakes and … they are really easy to create! Watch Zoe Hopkinson as she teaches you how to model with flower and modelling paste and remember: the more irregular they are, the more natural they will look!

Creative Cornucopia Cake

And last but not the least, here is a creative carved cake you can recreate for both spring and autumn! The ‘Cornucopia Cake’ by
Fancy Favours & Edible Art uses a great variety of techniques as well as different mediums; buttercream, melted white chocolate and cake pop dough! Watch her full tutorial here, as she shows how to hand paint details on the fruits and pipe smaller details like the leaves. A great example for someone who wants to practice a variety of skills all in one!

Do you prefer the classics or are you going to try something new this time? Visit our
recipe section for more inspiration! We’ll take you through it step-by-step and show you how to work with ready to roll icing, flower and modelling paste, marzipan and much more!