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Patisserie Inspiration

Thursday 26th October 2017

Were all about the decoration at Renshaw, and were the first ones to jump at a cake topped with a macaron (who wouldn’t?). But patisserie can prove a tricky skill, so no wonder it’s always near the end of the #GBBO series (sigh…). With only 3 remaining the thought of only one more week of bake off is something we don’t want to think about. So, we decided to do as we do every week and provide a bit of Renshaw inspiration all based on patisserie. This small collection of recipes covers classics: eclairs, macarons and the ultimate French fancy, why not give them a go and share your photos!


Raspberry and Pistachio Eclair

A fruity twist on the French patisserie classic, perfect, well whenever. Even though Choux pastry may not be the easiest to master, we think tasty dessert is totally worth it. If you’re not one for change and love the original cream filled and chocolate topped version, follow up to step 7 then head in your preferred direction of filling and topping. Why not give this one a try! This recipe only takes an hour and once you’ve got the hand of choux, give profiteroles a go!

To try out this recipe, click here.


Macaron Pops

This creative way of serving macarons is great for any occasion or party! With only a few ingredients this recipe will be done in no time, and why not try different colour gels depending on your event. Try piping a different shape for your macarons, an orange pumpkin for Halloween or a white and red Santa for Christmas and decorate accordingly. The drizzle on these macarons is made using Rainbow Dust colour melts.

Want to make your macarons pop? Click here for the recipe.


Giant French Fancy Cake

A British version of the very popular French Petit Four (basically bitesize confectionary, e.g. Little pastries, cakes or biscuits). Introduced in 1967 and we’ve never looked back. This giant version is perfect for a birthday, or even a wedding, and only takes 1 and ½ hours! Easy. This recipe produces a basic cake, but why not try flavouring the sponge or even the icing, imagine that a giant chocolate French fancy, YUM.

To try this recipe yourself click here for ingredients and method.


Happy Baking 🙂