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New Trends Survey – The Results

Wednesday 28th January 2015

Thank you to everyone who took part in our recent survey on what you think will be the new baking and cake decorating trends for 2015. Your feedback will help us to write recipes to inspire you throughout the year, and work on new products that we think you’ll love using.

We asked you which cake decorating trend you’d like to try more of in 2015 and the most popular styles were cake painting, gravity defying cakes and hidden centre cakes. Cake decorating skill will be taking a big step up this year but we’ll talk you through the techniques so that all skill levels of bakers and cake decorators can have a go at making these styles of cake.

Your favourite flavours to use in your baking are chocolate, lemon and vanilla. If you haven’t tried our Chocolate Icing yet why not use it to cover a cake for a change. There were also some extra suggestions of salted caramel, coffee, and white chocolate and raspberry which we think will be quite popular this year, salted caramel in particular.

Many of you who completed the survey also told us that you want to develop your skills in modelling with icing and general sugar craft, so we’ll make sure there are plenty of how-to guides on our website to support you along the way.

Cake covering and piping are also high on the list of cake decorating skills to learn this year. We’ve got some handy videos on our Renshaw Baking YouTube channel which will talk you through covering cakes, using Colour Melts, frosting cupcakes, and modelling roses and animals.

We love a good birthday cake and it seems you do too, as the majority of our survey responses showed that this is the most popular celebration to bake for. Other occasions that you love making cakes for are Christmas, Easter and Mother’s Day and we can’t wait to see what new ideas and styles you share with us this year.

Cupcakes are still popular too, they’re so easy to make and share and look great as an alternative or an addition to larger birthday or wedding cakes. From frosting to Ready to Roll Icing, edible decorations and a variety of flavours to use, you can achieve a lot of variety and creativity with cupcakes.

Don’t forget to share what you’ve been making with us on Facebook (Renshaw Baking), Twitter and Instagram (@renshawbaking) – we always love to see new ideas!