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National Gingerbread House Day

Tuesday 12th December 2017

With the festive season hurtling towards us, it’s impossible to not think about anything but Christmas. Eek, we’re super excited but not prepared in the slightest. So, with only 13 days to go (sorry to mention actual numbers) we’ve prepared a short blog all about Gingerbread. This Christmas favourite can come in many forms, but we’ve gone for the biggest and most extravagant. The Gingerbread House! Covered in frosting, chocolate, sweets and the largest selection of confectionary that is socially acceptable on one dessert, we give it a double thumbs up. Check out these recipes on how to create your own, to celebrate National Gingerbread House Day.


Gingerbread House with Royal Icing 

This recipe is all about the decoration, perfect if you’re not up to spending 6 hours on something which may not work. Time short? Tip: Buy the gingerbread panels and just decorate, saves a lot of time and no wonky roofs. Also, if you’re not overly confident you can use more ready to roll icing and cutters for your required shape, then add a few finishing details with the royal icing. There are no rules when decorating a gingerbread house, be as creative as you wish.


How to make your own Gingerbread House

This recipe is the go-to for the easiest gingerbread house, taking you from start to finish, ensuring you get a free-standing gingerbread house covered with decoration (you can decorate further if you like.) You can get all the family involved in making this piece, why not set-up a decoration station for the kids and they can each decorate a panel or two! A great way to make a unique gingerbread house as all panels will be different. Don’t forget to send us your photos of your gingerbread houses and we’ll share them on our page!


Dark Gingerbread Recipe

Now we are all aware of the stress and the potential risk of an icing meltdown involved when making a gingerbread house, so why not make some simple gingerbread instead. Extremely tasty, and an easy skill level. Why make Christmas more of an uphill battle for yourself. There’s always the option of adding icing afterwards to give a little sweetness if making a 4 bed detached isn’t for you.


Gingerbread Wood Effect Doors

Even though this post is about gingerbread houses, every home needs a door, and an excellently decorated one at that. This recipe is for the wood effect doors in the photo, you can cut the required shape and decorate however you please. Using the combination of ready to roll and royal icing means you can achieve finer detail, sure to impress. To transform them into gingerbread house doors just inject some colour, by changing the greys and browns to brights. With a gingerbread house, more decoration is definitely more!

Gingerbread Flower covered Fairy Doors

This is the same recipe as the wood effect doors, but these are fairy doors! The only difference is the colours and design of the icing, you can use these photos as a guide or create your own style of door for your gingerbread house.


Whether you decide to make a full on 5 bed 3 bathroom gingerbread house or just go for a small bungalow, we’d love to see your photos! Making a gingerbread house is a great way to get into the festive season, and a fun way to get all the family together. Who cares if it’s not Instagram perfect, it’ll still taste amazing!

Happy Baking 🙂