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#MyPerfectMatchBake Results!

Wednesday 16th December 2020

Here at Renshaw and Rainbow Dust HQ, we LOVE a competition. Particularly during this below average year, it’s more important than ever to spread a little joy! With festive spirit in mind, we wanted to celebrate our recent ‘Perfect Match’ competition winners by sharing their designs with the rest of the baking world. It was so hard to choose just 5 winners, so we want to say thank you to ALL of those who entered, it was a pleasure to see your delicious-looking creativity ?.

P.s, if you’re sat wondering what we mean by ‘Perfect Match’, you can view our whole campaign including tutorials, recipes, and product tips, all using the loving combination of Renshaw and Rainbow Dust products here.

Burger Illusion Cake by Chloe Maguire (@cakesbyspruceandolives) 

This flippin’ good (see what we did there?) burger cake is made with Renshaw White Sugarpaste coloured with various shades of Rainbow Dust Progel. Chloe has also used Rainbow Dust Glaze to add a sheen to her finished design, *chef’s kiss*. The added details of onion rings and chips make this bake extra special (and tasty looking)!

Wizard of Oz Cake by Phoebe Atkinson (@millpondcakes)

Although the Tin Man had no heart, the Lion no courage, and the Scarecrow no brain, you would definitely need all three to create such a beautiful cake! Phoebe has used Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste to create ALL of her decorations; perfectly matched with Rainbow Dust Powder Colours and Cake Craft Pens to bring her cake to life.

Christmas Cupcakes by Julia Cleaver (@_jujubakes_)

Sometimes you just can’t beat a classic cupcake. We chose these Renshaw Sugarpaste festive toppers because although not as grand in comparison to our other winners, the designs are superbly executed. Julia used Rainbow Dust Lustre to add the sparkle of Christmas onto her finished design. Fortunately, using Sugarpaste and Lustre together happens to be one of our favourite perfect pairings; you can check out some bold and sparkly inspiration here.

Unicorn Cake by Cole Fowler

Step aside Paul Hollywood, we’ve met your match! Cole, aged just 7 (?), has beautifully decorated this unicorn cake! Cole paired our Renshaw RTR Icing with Rainbow Dust Glitters to make his bake extra magical, just like a unicorn should be. Thank you to Cole’s Mum, Sarah, for sharing his incredible talent for cake decorating with us.

NYC Suitcase Cake by Sam Swain

This 18th Birthday Cake was given to Sam’s son to surprise him with a trip to New York! Sam has used Renshaw Teddy Bear Brown and Dark Brown Sugarpaste, accompanied with Rainbow Dust Light Gold Metallic Paint to add the wow factor for this extra special occasion!

Once again, congratulations to all our winners. Don’t forget, make sure you let us know what you’re baking this week on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @renshawbaking, or head over to our Recipes section if you’re looking for some inspiration. Keep your eyes peeled for new competitions launching in 2021!

Merry Christmas, happy baking, and stay safe x