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Most Memorable Cakes of 2014

Wednesday 24th December 2014

We’ve been so impressed this year by your sugarcraft skills and creative cake decorating, so we’ve pulled together some of our favourite cakes and popular trends from the Renshaw community to round up 2014. Take a look through the popular themes we’ve seen this year and let us know what else you think has been big in 2014.

Animal Shaped Cakes

You’ve taken cake decorating to another level this year, creating highly detailed and realistic animal shaped cakes. Our favourite by far is the lizard themed birthday cake which looks so close to lifelike through the tiny detail on the skin and the natural pose. And how could we not mention the happiest looking pig in mud cake! These cakes really show off the creativity in our community.

Minions Mash-up

The famous yellow Minions have been a popular theme for a while, and now you’ve added a new twist; mixing these with other well-known characters! From Ironman and Captain America to Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory, there are endless possibilities for keeping your Minion cakes up-to-date and fun, and we’re sure we’ll see many more to come in 2015.

Creative Cake Pops

During our Great Renshaw Bake Off over the summer you showed us some of your creatively decorated cake pops, many moving away from the traditional circular shape to create a particular theme, such as safari animals. Our favourites cake pops this year were the Punch & Judy puppet themed cake pops, such an unusual idea that worked really well. We also thought summer themed decorating looked great as there were so many ideas you could add to your batch of cake pops.

Fashion Themed Cakes

One of the key themes of 2014 was looking to the fashion world for inspiration in your cake decorating. From ruffles, ribbons and polka dots to more direct influences from your favourite brands and products like Converse and Chanel, this has been a dominant trend throughout the year. We’re on the lookout for the ‘next big thing’ in fashion that will inspire us to take up our cake decorating tools.

Gardening Themed Cakes

Another nice idea we’ve seen this year is mixing two of your favourite hobbies together into one; in this case gardening and baking. This idea works well on small cake toppers, each with a different garden or plant themed design, or on larger cakes where you can create your own miniature garden or allotment. You can get as create as you like with this, from duck ponds and creating a grass effect to the variety of flowers there is for you to make.

New and Unusual Ideas

We love seeing cake decorating ideas we’ve never thought of before, or new techniques that create show stopping cakes. One of the trends we’ve noticed and think will continue to be popular in 2015 is the gravity-defying cake, used to create the effect of pouring sweets or liquid onto a cake below. Even everyday items such as a box of tissues have made an appearance in sugarpaste form!