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Modelling Paste or Flower & Modelling Paste; What’s the difference and which one should I choose?

Thursday 2nd November 2017

We will be the first to admit, that you may be a little confused with what product you should use for the best results when creating different bake decorations.

Differentiating between Modelling Paste and Flower & Modelling Paste can seem a bit unclear at first. So, we feel a bit of an ‘easy to understand’ explanation is in order, to avoid any frustration and potential kitchen meltdowns (we’ve all had them). After all, cake decoration is meant to be fun.

Below is something we’d like to think of as a failsafe; pick your skill/result you want to achieve, go across the line and the ticks indicate what products will work – simple!

A little bit more information to help you out…

Flower & Modelling Paste

Firstly, the well-established and familiar Flower & Modelling Paste, a firm favourite when creating flowers and models that you want to keep a detailed shape. This is one of Renshaw’s firmer pastes, it can be rolled, modelled, cut and used in moulds and embossed, and is great for intricate shapes and flowers. A great all-rounder for fine detail and structure, it can also be combined with Ready to Roll Icing to give a softer set.

Flower and Modelling Paste in 5 points
  • Holds its shape and dries quickly
  • Colours and airbrushes well
  • Firmer than Modelling Paste
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Great for models and flowers

Here are some applications you could make using Renshaw Flower & Modelling Paste:

Modelling Paste

Modelling Paste is perfect for making model figures and decorations, with a smooth soft texture that is easy to handle.

This paste colours well with Rainbow Dust Progels and Powder Colours, holds its shape well and is still soft enough to eat. Modelling Paste has good elasticity and pins out thinly, you could use this for fine detailing, models and is great when using moulds! Remember to allow your model to set for 24 hours.

Modelling paste in 5 points
  • Holds shape, soft enough to eat
  • Colours and airbrushes well
  • Made with cocoa butter (smells like cocoa butter)
  • Great for models, details and moulds
  • Softer than Flower & Modelling Paste

Here are some examples of what you could make using the Modelling Paste:

As with all our pastes, cut off the required amount and knead until pliable, a little icing sugar or cornflour may be used to prevent sticking on the work surface. And please remember, store in the original packaging and in a well-sealed airtight container to keep it as fresh as humanly possible. All products mentioned have an initial 12-month shelf life.

All products are vegetarian-friendly, vegan-friendly (excluding chocolate flavoured products), Kosher approved and Halal approved.

If you need any more info about any of our products, visit our product pages.  Let us know what you think about out products via our social channels, we love to hear feedback!

Happy Baking ?