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Marzipan Day: Amazing Almond Recipes

Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Marzipan Day is coming around again on 12th January, a day to celebrate our favourite cake decorating ingredient and where Renshaw all began. It was all the way back in the 1890’s that John F Renshaw & Co Ltd began producing the classic almond-based product.

Back to present day, our marzipan production was recently featured in the BBC series ‘Inside the Factory’ with Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healey. The almonds in our marzipan our sourced from California and Morocco which give our marzipan its unique flavour. You can find out more about how it’s made in the special Christmas episode, available to watch until 22nd January – be quick!

[Images via BBC iplayer]

But can you believe even the word marzipan puts people off trying it now? For some, it is synonymous with fruit cake they had as a child. But tastes change over time, if only they knew what a versatile and tasty product it is… good job we’ve got some recipes to inspire! ?


Chocolate + Marzipan = Perfection

There are few things nicer than the flavour combination of chocolate and almond. Adding marzipan to your chocolate cake recipes makes them incredibly moreish, and is miles away from the traditional fruit cake! Add a bit of orange flavouring in too and you’re on to a winner. Find the recipes for our chocolate and almond cakes below:

Marzipan Brownies

Chocolate, Orange and Almond Roulade

Chocolate and Almond Battenberg


Fruity Cakes… but not as you know them!

Although fruit cake has become a bit more stylish over the last couple of Christmases, these bakes have a modern and fresh twist, featuring strawberries, cherries, lemon and rhubarb, and can be enjoyed all year round. And yes, we know rhubarb is technically a vegetable, but it’s often sweetened for baking and desserts, so that’s good enough for us!

Fraisier Cake

Cherzipan Cake

Rhubarb and Marzipan Torte

Lemon, Sultana and Almond Cake


Modelling with Marzipan

You’re probably familiar with modelling with sugarpaste, but marzipan is a great medium to model with too! It can also be coloured with gel food colours and edible dusts to create a range of figures and designs.

Modelling with marzipan is very similar to modelling with sugarpaste. All shapes start with a ball, a cone and sausage and progress from there. You can use the same modelling tools and you need little to no water to attach pieces together.

You can find more tips for modelling with marzipan in our ‘Flying the flag for Marzipan’ blog.


Marzipan is also ideal for making edible gifts and party snacks, simply roll it out, cut out shapes, dip in chocolate and leave to set. It also tastes lovely as a biscuit topper, and the almond flavour works well with either plain, lemon, orange or chocolate biscuits… probably more too!

You can find more marzipan inspiration over on our recipe pages, including some recipes and inspiration submitted by members of the Renshaw Baking social community.

As always, we love to see what you’ve been baking, so share your marzipan bakes with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Happy Baking ?