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Make Your Cakes Shine With Glow In The Dark Icing

Wednesday 1st April 2015

Here at Renshaw we’re driven by two things: giving our customers the products they need to make the best cakes they can, and innovating to always ensure we’re ahead of the curve. That’s why we’re delighted to announce our latest product:
Glow In The Dark Ready To Roll Icing.

Get Your Hands On Some Glow In The Dark Icing

Ahead of the full product launch we’d love to give you the chance to get a packet of Glow In The Dark Ready To Roll Icing so you can try it out. All we ask is that you make a cake with it and then post a picture to social media so the world can see this revolutionary new product put to use.

To get your packet follow this link and fill in your details. Hurry though because we only have 50 sample packs to give away.

[Free sample request is now closed to new requests]

Glow in the dark icing – the story behind the product

We’ve already expanded our flower paste and marzipan products by creating ready coloured versions, as well as offering you a huge range of colours in our Ready To Roll Icing. But we wanted to give you something more, something you’ve been hankering after, something to really set your cakes apart from the rest.

How did we manage it? It hasn’t been easy. Our products team took several extended trips up to the Arctic Circle, home of Aurora Borealis, or the Northern Lights. This incredible display of luminosity lights up the northern skies, and we knew that it held the key to Glow In The Dark Ready To Roll Icing.

Months of studying the properties of the Northern Lights, with some input from a team of physicists and chemists, led to a further discovery. In Lapland there is a form of lichen known to locals as Valotuli, a Finnish word that translates to roughly ‘light flame’, and people in the region use it to find their way home during the extended period of Polar Night. During the night the rocks covered with Valotuli sparkle and shine as the lichen gives off a bright bioluminescence.

After careful study we managed to extract the chemical that causes this luminescence and synthesise it successfully. It’s this synthesised chemical which gives our new icing its characteristic glow. It is totally safe for consumption and tasteless, so the delicious flavour of your cakes will be unadulterated.

Duncan Bisquet our Product Development Manager is delighted with the new product:

“It represents the culmination of more than a year of hard work. We’ve listened to customers, and we’ve noticed that requests for glow in the dark icing are not restricted to Halloween time. People want to create cakes that stand out at surprise birthday parties, and events where low lighting will be in effect. Just imagine how striking a wedding cake will look during the bride and groom’s first dance?”