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Love or Hate Marzipan? Four Simnel Cake Ideas To Tempt You

Thursday 21st March 2013

Easter is a time for indulgence. Lent is over and our will power is spent, so it’s time to break out the the traditional Easter treats and create something truly scrumptious. 

Simnel cake is the iconic Easter cake dating from medieval times. The story goes that girls would take the day to bake a delicious cake of fruit, spices and marzipan to present to their mothers for Mothering Sunday, with the cake to be enjoyed over the Easter period.

The moulded marzipan balls adorning the top of the cake have special significance too. There are 11, representing the 12 apostles (minus Judas for his misdemeanours), or occasionally 12, (some people like to include Jesus in the count). 

Here are a few fabulous recipes and step by step guides to help you on your way with this year’s Easter cake…

Step-By-Step Simnel Cake

Simnel Cake copy-640x348

You’ll notice one thing that we don’t skimp on at Renshaw is the marzipan! If you’d like to follow our recipe, take a look at our Simnel Cake Recipe.


Decadent Simnel Cake


If you’re feeling decadent, take a look at this recipe from Like Mam Used To Bake, where you place marzipan inside the cake, as well as on top!


Alternative Easter Cake


Marzipan is a bit like marmite. You either love it, or you hate it. If it’s the latter, this alternative Easter cake might be the one for you. A Table For Two uses macaroons and chocolate. 


Beautiful Marzipan Bunnies


These aren’t cakes, but they’re too adorable not to feature. These cute rabbit biscuits are filled with marzipan and they’re from one of our favourite baking blogs, Sweetapolita.

Easter is also known as a time of new beginnings, so how would you breathe new life into the traditional Easter cake? A new way of modeeling with marxipan perhaps? Incoporating chocolate into your recipe, or maybe just a quirky theme? 


Easter Cake Competition

We’re running a Facebook competition, with the bake-tastic prize of 5 tickets to The Cake and Bake Show Manchester. It’s an extravaganza of all things baking from bread baking to sugar crafting, with a few celebrity appearances mixed in for good measure – taking place from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th April 2013.  

Plus, as sponsors to Renshaw Sugarcraft Academy, we’ll also be throwing in five pairs of tickets to the exclusive sugar craft classes on Saturday 6th April. 

To be in with a chance of winning one of these fabulous tickets, simply visit our Facebook competition and upload a picture of your new take on Easter cake. 


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