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Let’s Hear It For The Dads: Father’s Day Baking Ideas

Thursday 18th June 2015

There’s a lot of fuss surrounding Mother’s Day, and rightly so. But Father’s Day on the other hand is a more muted affair, and we think that dads deserve a bit more love on their special day.

Flowers and a box of chocolates may not be traditional Father’s Day gifts, but cake is suitable for all occasions! And the best part is they can share it with the whole family. Here are some daddy baking ideas to inspire you.

Football Cake

Not every dad likes football of course, but lots of them do, so a football shaped cake is sure to delight. A spherical cake makes a nice visual change from your usual cylinder, and is surprisingly easy to make. You can find out how to make this cake here. Probably the most difficult part is lining up the pentagons and hexagons neatly, but other than that this is a simple and straightforward cake.

Tool Time

[Image via Cake Whiz]

For the DIY dads this tool kit inspired cake should go down a treat, especially with a strong cup of builder’s tea. Made by Cake Whiz, this cake combines some delightful sugarcrafting and painting. The tiny tools and box are shaped from yellow flower paste, which is then painted with black and silver to give the details. The marbled wood effect of the fondant icing adds a nice touch to this cake.

Tee Off

[Image via Love And Oil]

Here’s a fantastic idea for the weekend Tiger Woods in your life courtesy of Lindsay at Love And Oil.

Underneath the textured buttercream frosting is a chocolate stout cake with layers of buttercream and dulce de leche filling. It will take time and care to pipe out the tiny blades of grass, but the final effect is well worth the effort. You can sculpt the ball out of white ready to roll icing and create the dented surface using a ball end tool.

Full House

[Image via Pink Cake Box]

Most dads fancy themselves as a bit of a James Bond type, and this poker-themed cake from Pink Cake Box has an air of Casino Royale about it, especially with the tiny bottle of Johnnie Walker and stout cigar. There’s plenty here for the sugarcrafter to get their teeth into, and if you were feeling really adventurous you could try making the cards with flower paste and hand painting the suits onto them.

Super Dad

[Image via Diary Of Dave’s Wife]

Here’s a cake that the kids can help you with, from Kristy at Diary of Dave’s Wife. Although this was a cake for Kristy’s son’s birthday, we think it would work well for Father’s Day, to celebrate Super Dad in all his glory.

With a simple buttercream coating even small children can help with the decorating, and they’ll love using Smarties or M&Ms to make the Superman logo.

How will you be treating your husband or dear old dad on Father’s Day? We’d love to see, so share your cakes with us on social media.