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Kids Baking Memories: Survey Results Infographic

Thursday 20th March 2014

This month we’re all about family baking. Mother’s Day is nearly here and we’re pretty sure that most of you got your start in baking by helping out your mum in the family kitchen. We wanted to find out what got you started baking as a kid, who you baked with and how you’re passing that on to your own children, which was why we held our Kids Baking Survey.

There were some interesting results.

Most of you learned to bake with Mum (53%) and Gran (29%), and although the majority of your children bake with their mum (68%), dads have featured more heavily for the new generation of kids (7%), perhaps reflecting a shift in traditional parenting roles.

In terms of what you make in the kitchen with your kids, the survey indicates that cupcakes (26%) fairy cakes (12%) and biscuits (10%) are the treats of choice. 

And who are you baking for? Fittingly, given the theme of family baking this month, the majority of you are baking for the kids (32%) or your family (34%). 

Have a look at our infographic for all the details. Do the results reflect your own experience of baking through the generations? Anything you’re surprised about? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter and Facebook.

[Click infographic to view a larger version]