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Just like Mother used to bake…

Thursday 21st February 2013

Mother’s Day approaches, and just like our lovely Mums used to bake with us (if you were lucky, that is), at Renshaw we think it would be lovely to return the favour and take the time to bake this Mother’s Day. Whether it’s a special twist on the Victoria Sponge of your childhood, or decadently iced cupcakes topped in your Mum’s favourite flavour frosting, there is plenty of inspiration to be had in showing some appreciation for the main lady in your life.

strawberry cake

Recreate your favourite childhood cake decorating projects, or if your Mum prefers to simply eat cake, throw an afternoon tea party instead. Our Strawberry Cake would be perfect to share over a pot of tea. You could always take inspiration from you a few of your mother’s favourite things; a nice Flower Bouquet, especially when it comes cake-shaped and delicious, or simply show some love with a box of beautifully decorated cupcakes – these Butterfly Cupcakes would be just the thing.

flower bouquet cake

If you have young ones of your own, why not use the season to start your own baking and cake decorating traditions? Shortbread biscuits are perfect for topping or decorating and kids just love getting messy with piping bags. Pass on the baking skills early, and who know what treats you may receive in Mother’s Days to come. A beautifully iced cake would be a lovely way to bring the family together and share some quality time over something sweet.

So, aprons on, whisks at the ready… what will you be baking this Mother’s Day?