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Just in time for Christmas! Renshaw Edible Decorations and Frostings Range

Monday 18th November 2013

Christmas has come early, our merry band of bakers and cake decorators, with a Renshaw wrapped gift in the shape of flavoured frostings and edible decorations for your festive baking needs. Our newly developed Renshaw frostings are ideal for topping chocolate logs and sandwiching Christmas themed cakes, with our range of brand new edible decorations providing the perfect solution for sprinkling a little magic on your yuletide creations.

Check out our brand new frostings and sprinkles ranges below, along with some baking and decorating inspiration for the upcoming season.

Renshaw Sprinkles

Our new edible decorations range comprises some well-loved cake and cupcake decorating classics, including;


Use the larger sprinkles tubs for shaking over tray bakes or topping a big batch of cupcakes, and our soon to launch silver pearls and lustre dust to add almost too pretty-to-eat intrigue to your fondant covered cakes.

Disco Ball Christmas Cake

Use the lustre dust on our glittering Disco Ball Christmas Cake to bring some much needed sparkle to your celebrations, or get busy with the kids making Christmas tree suitable Star Biscuits, using piping icing and silver pearls to make your decorations shine.

Renshaw Frostings

A natural extension to our piping frosting range, our classically flavoured frostings are ideal for spreading, topping and filling cakes.


Whip up a storm with a vanilla frosting snow-themed cake, or smother a chocolate log in our new chocolate frosting for an alternative and tasty take on Christmas cake.

Chocolate Marzipan Log

What would you bake or decorate with our frostings and sprinkles, and have our new ranges put you in the mood for a spot of festive baking?