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July Brights

Monday 2nd July 2018

Renshaw is very proud of the 29 pre-coloured shades of Ready to Roll Icing it produces! This month we are focusing on the BRIGHTS. Vibrant colours are great for children’s birthdays, themed cakes and ‘Just because it’s Summertime’ cakes. From bold blues and greens to radiant reds and yellows, our colours can be adapted to any design you want to create.

Click here, to view all 29 colours.


Why pre-coloured Ready to Roll Icing?

The secret to our sugarpaste is finely milled sugars and specialist gums for the perfect result every time and this is no different for our pre-coloured Ready to Roll Icing. Our 29 pre-coloured Ready to Roll Icings are mixed to produce a solid colour, meaning as the icing is rolled out, no lines or streaks of colour will appear. If you need to use a darker colour like black or navy, using pre-coloured sugarpaste is much easier. To achieve the required colour would mean you would need to add a large amount of colour to the sugarpaste and this could change the consistency, making it difficult to work with. Only need a small amount? All of our 29 shades of pre-coloured sugar paste come in 250g packs, with packaging specially designed to keep the product fresher for longer once it has been opened, click here to see how sugarpaste should be stored once opened.


Here is a little bit of inspiration for the kinds of cakes you can create using our Brightly coloured Ready to Roll Icings!


Bug Cupcakes

We can see these sweet treats at a children’s party or on the kitchen table on a Sunday afternoon, whatever the occasion (or not) our Cute Bug Cupcakes are a sure winner. With our 29 pre-coloured Ready to Roll Icings, you can create your own designs using a variety of colours. Why not get the kids involved with decorating these cupcakes, using a range of sugar pastes and Rainbow Dust edible decorations!


Lion Birthday Cake

Animal cakes are a great choice for birthdays, whatever your age! This Lion birthday cake is super simple, once the cake is covered, simply add the cut-out shapes to make the features and a party hat, the main is piped coloured buttercream (a very quick but effective way to decorate!). Accompanying cake pops are a great addition to the main cake, to speed this process up you can use the offcuts from the cake or buy a pre-made cake (we won’t tell anyone).


Rainbow Skittles Cake

This rainbow cake would be great for any occasion! A tasty vanilla cake encased in a vibrant array of Ready To Roll Icing and topped with skittles (please note, other sweets, chocolate and sweet treats are available, choose your fave!). If you love the idea of this cake but can’t grasp poker straight edges when using fondant, why not create wavy lines or marble a variety of colours. Remember we have 29 pre-coloured shades to pick from, get creative!


Rainbow Cupcakes

Rainbows, Unicorns and sprinkles are all HUGE right now, brightly coloured magical bakes, whatever the age, are popular. Our simple rainbow cupcakes are a quick way of tapping into this trend. We have a huge range of coloured sugarpastes ready to go, however, if you want to make this rainbow a little different, why not add some Rainbow Dust lustre dusts to make the colours really pop, they even make edible glitters to make your cupcakes extra magical!


Crocodile Cake

We think that this cake design would be fantastic for a children’s birthday! Plus this cake is easier than it looks, simply build up the features with sugar paste and add detail with cut out pieces of black and white ready to roll. If you’re wanting to make a different animal, keep the main shape the same and add the relevant features e.g. a trunk, tusks and large ears for an elephant. Whatever animal you’re planning on making we have the right colours for you, to view, click here.


Winnie the Pooh Cake

Winnie the Pooh is a classic character from our youth, sure to say this cake by Mr Bakers Cakes surely puts a smile on our faces! The whole piece was carved from a vanilla sponge and the covered in Yellow, Poppy Red and Jet Black Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing. To read the whole blog, click here.


Remember to share photos of your Bright coloured bakes with us by messaging or on social using #Renshawbaking


Happy Baking!