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Italian Inspiration

Wednesday 11th October 2017

With the Bake Off producers throwing a complete curveball and introducing an Italian week to the #GBBO, it put us in a total spin. So, we’ve decided to do something a bit different, and give a nod to our pasta experts over in the Bellissimo country of Italy. By providing you with some information on the Italians that do cake (amazingly by the way), in the hope it’ll provide some inspiration on how to take your cakes from great to ‘Magnifico!’.


Lucia Simeone

Company – Dolce Lulu’
Based in Rome, Italy
Began cake decorating in 2011

Lucia is known for her use of wafer paper and using it as a canvas to paint on, transforming the material, a skill she teaches in her classes at the Cake designer. Her love of simple and clean lines is one of her passions and outstanding skills, and this way of working makes her creations unmistakably hers. An ambassador for Renshaw since September 2016, Lucia has won numerous Cake Design competitions all around the world, including winning the Gold Award and the Innovation Award 2014 at the Italian Cake Design Championships. You can find out more about her work and view it on her Instagram and Facebook pages.


Margherita Ferrara

Company-Fashflowers Cakes
Based in Florence, Italy
Began cake decorating in April 2013

Margherita’s experience in the fashion sector shines through in her fabulous work, detailed and very realistic, she has a skill for modelling faces, bodies and creates outstanding pieces. She has been involved in many projects, including Cake Art of Denim, the reproduction of Dante Ferretti and Cake Factory. A Renshaw and Rainbow Dust products ambassador in Italy, Margherita creates a wide range of cakes from film characters to ancient statues and mermaids. To find out more about her creations visit her Facebook and Instagram pages.


Azzurra Cuomo

Company – Azzurra Cuomo Cake Art
Based in San Pietro Vernotico, Italy
Began cake decorating in 2013

Azzurra is a baking enthusiast turned professional cake designer and baker. Self-taught, this impressive lady has built a repertoire of skills since 2013, and now competes in competitions and exhibitions all over the world. Her passion lies in sculpting and modelling, and she has a great attention to detail, in both realistic and cartoon creations. She now teaches classes all over Italy, like all the other cake artists in this blog, she is involved in the Italian Sugar Art Collaboration. To find out more about Azzurra’s work visit her Facebook and Instagram pages.


Italian Sugar Art Collaboration/ Italia Sugar Dream Collaboration

This collaboration brings together 27 of the best cake decorators exclusively from Italy, and pieces are created to celebrate everything Italian from music and icons to art and history, and to create the Italian Sugar Dream. The collaboration is featuring in the final of the 2017 Cake Masters Award for Collaboration. All the cake artists mentioned in this blog have contributed to the Italian Sugar Art Collaboration, to find out more visit the Facebook page.


Hopefully, this blog has provided a little inspiration from our cake-loving friends over in Italy. Share your Italian inspired bakes with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Happy Baking ?