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Infographic: How To Make A Gingerbread House

Thursday 12th December 2013

At a time of year when most peoples attention is taken up by gradually topping up their Christmas puddings with alcohol, or creating batch upon batch of mince pies, it is all too easy to forget about one of the tastiest and certainly most impressive yuletide delights – the gingerbread house. 
By following our handy illustrated recipe, which you can see (and also download) below, you can try your hand at some biscuit based building which is sure to delight and amaze any visitor over the Christmas period. 
Our little gingerbread men architects, roofers and builders will take you through all the tricky details, from baking the gingerbread, laying out the required panels and decorating it all with a seasonal flourish. So grab the necessary ingredients and get working on your very own grand design. 

Renshaw Gingerbread Infographic

[click the image above to download a larger version]