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How To: Star and Grass Cupcake Piping

Thursday 14th August 2014

If you’ve mastered the simple swirl and find duo piping a doddle, it’s time to challenge yourself with your piping skills in decorating your cakes and cupcakes. Piping stars is the next step for truly impactful decoration, and if you’re creatively inclined, mastering grass piping is imperative for outdoor themed cakes and bakes.

If you’re ready to take the next step in piping perfectly, all you need is your some butter cream or frosting, some disposable piping bags, a star and / or grass piping nozzle and the cake or cupcake you want to decorate on.


Star Piping

1. To decorate your cupcake with a star shaped swirl, fill a piping bag fitted with a star nozzle with the frosting of your choice.

2. Hold the nozzle approximately 0.5in above the cupcake at a 90° angle to the cupcake surface. Squeeze out icing to form a star.

3. Without releasing any pressure, raise the tip of the nozzle slightly as you drop a line of icing around the star in a tight, complete rotation (to build up height towards the centre of the cupcake).

4. After completing the first rotation, move the nozzle towards the centre and up and around to make a second spiral around the outside the edge of the first spiral.

5. Continue until the cupcake is covered. Release the pressure to end spiral at the edge of cupcake.


Grass Piping

1. To decorate your cupcake with grass style piping, fill a piping bag fitted with a grass or multi-opening nozzle with the frosting of your choice.

2. Hold the decorating bag 90° straight up. The nozzle should be 1/8 inch above the surface of the cake or cupcake.

3. Squeeze the bag gently to form the grass, pulling up and away when the icing strands are long enough and stopping applying pressure on the bag. 

4. For a more natural, pull the nozzle slightly to the right or left, instead of straight up. Remember to keep clusters close together so cake does not show through.


How about giving our Milkshake Cupcakes a go and practise your stars?