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How To: Make Marzipan Fruit

Thursday 17th April 2014

Marzipan is for life, people, though it is pretty lovely at Easter. Whether using it for covering a traditional Simnel Cake, crafting Easter chicks or getting creative with the marzipan modelling, this delicious, easy to use almond flavoured paste is perfect for Easter bakes. Did we mention it pairs beautifully with chocolate flavoured icing and sponge too?

If you’re just getting started with marzipan however, marzipan fruit is the perfect place to start. Tiny, hand modelled parcels of almond flavoured fun, coloured and shaped to look like fruit simply using tools you have lying around the house. From here you’ll be creating marzipan cake scenes (and for the truly ambitious, life size sculptures) in no time.

Our cake decorating expert Claire Bailey has shared all the hints and tips you need to recreate life like marzipan apples and oranges. All you need is a pack of Renshaw Original White Marzipan, some orange and green food colour pastes, red colour dust powder, a thin paintbrush, a cheese grater (bear with us) and a little flower and modelling paste plus chocolate and bottle green icing for additional decoration. Go on. Go nuts!

Marzipan Apples and Oranges

1. Colour half of 500g Renshaw Original White Marzipan with orange paste food colour and half with green paste food colour. Knead until each colour is evenly mixed and the marzipan is pliable. Form 40g green marzipan balls into apple shapes and 35g orange balls into round orange shapes.

Simply colour your marzipan with colour powders or pastes to create the marzipan colour you desire.

Marzipan Fruit Step 1 Resized

2. Emboss a hole into the top of each marzipan apple and orange using the end of an artists paintbrush to create a place for the stalk.

Marzipan Fruit Step 2 Resized

3. Roll each orange over the surface of a cheese grater to emboss the skin texture. Emboss creases around the hole at the top of each orange with a knife.


4. Apply a rosy area on one side of the apples using a dry artists paintbrush and red colour dust powder.

Marzipan Fruit Step 4 Resized

5. Knead together equal amounts of Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste and Renshaw Chocolate Ready to Roll Icing to form a pliable paste. Form a long thin sausage and cut into little apple stalks. Position in the holes at the top of each apple and fix with a little cooled boiled water.


6. Insert a tiny ball of chocolate icing into the hole on top of each orange and texture with a cocktail stick.

7. Knead together equal amounts of flower and modelling paste and Renshaw Bottle Green Ready to Roll Icing to form a pliable paste. Form teardrop shapes from pea-sized balls of the paste and flatten to form a leaf shape. Shape the leaf edges with a cocktail stick, emboss the veins with a knife and fix on top of the apples using cooled boiled water.

Marzipan Fruit Step 5 Resized

Leave your marzipan models for up to 24 hours, depending on how firm you want them to be, to make them easier to handle when applying to a decorated cake or bake.

Why not give it a go, perhaps making an Easter basket cake using our
Simnel Cake recipe as your base? Our white and golden marzipan is currently on offer at just £2.90 at renshawbaking.com, so it’s the perfect time to give it a try.