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How To: Make a Fondant Person Model

Thursday 10th July 2014

Modelling people is a key part of any sugar crafters arsenal, and using our colour flower and modelling paste makes it easy to model figures and decorations. We teamed up with Terry Tang Designer Cakes to showcase their incredibly life-like people toppers and show you how to make your own. As Royal Warrant Holders to the Queen for our almond products, we thought who better to craft than the future heir to the throne, Prince William?

Complete with his princely smile, here’s how…




1. To create Prince William’s legs, roll out the Renshaw Forget-me-not Blue Flower and Modelling Paste into a sausage. Fold in half and cut to the same length. Use your finger and thumb to flare out the bottom end of the legs.


2. Turn the legs over and use the end of a paintbrush to indent the back of the knees. Bend the paste to create the knees.


3. Use a stitching tool to create the seam details on the pants, and the end of a paintbrush to mark a few creases. Use small balls of Renshaw Dahlia Black Flower and Modelling Paste to make the shoes. Attach to the legs with cooled boiled water.


4. Roll a thick sausage of Renshaw Hydrangea Blue Flower and Modelling Paste and flatten, then indent a ‘V’ at the top. Cut the bottom edge of the top straight and fan out using your index finger and thumb. Cut a small line in the centre of the shirt and fan out to shape the shirt.


5. For the neck, roll out a small sausage of Renshaw Peach Blush Ready to Roll Icing and flatten one side into a point to fit in the ‘V’ of Prince William’s shirt. Attach to the body in place with cooled boiled water. Secure his legs and body together with a skewer pushed through the body.


6. Use the end of a paintbrush to add some crease marks in his top.


7. Cut out two thin strips of Hydrangea Blue Flower Paste and attach to the shirt to make a collar. Add the buttons using small balls of White Flower and Modelling Paste pressed flat.


8. To make the arms, roll out a thin cone using Hydrangea Blue Flower Paste, cutting the bottom flat and attach to the arms. Cut the tops of the arms at a slant, and create a bend in the arms. Attach to the shoulders using cooled boiled water.


9. Roll the Peach Blush icing into a small ball, and use your finger to flatten the end to create a hand. Taper and shape the wrist cutting out a small ‘V’ for the thumb and then cut the fingers. Add a small rectangle of Hydrangea Blue Flower Paste to the join on the sleeve and arm.


10. For the face, roll a ball of Peach Blush icing into an oval shape, then use your finger and thumb to pinch the nose and then flatten and shape with your fingers.


11. Add facial features using food colouring paste. Use brown for the eyes brows, pink for the lips and cheeks, white for eyes and teeth and blue and black for the eye detail. Attach the head to the neck with cooled boiled water.


12. For the ears, roll two small balls of Peach Blush icing and use a small ball tool to attach to the sides of the face, in line with the bottom of his eyes, sticking in place using cooled boiled water.


13. For his hair colour, mix Renshaw Teddy Bear Brown Ready to Roll Icing with White Flower Paste and roll out a thin piece. Cut the width to cover the distance at the back of the head between his two ears. Use a knife to mark lines into the paste. Wet the back of his head and attach the piece of hair, meeting in the middle at the top of his head. Use a pair of scissors to cut the excess.


14. Roll out small balls of the mixed brown paste into thin sausages and attach to the side of his head with cooled boiled water to make the side burns. Then attach small thin sausages on top of the head to create the parting. Use a small knife to add some texture to the hair.


We hope you’ve enjoyed making your own fondant figure! Don’t forget to share photos with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @renshawbaking