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How To: Make a Fondant Dog Model

Thursday 3rd July 2014

This month, we’re all about creating marvellous models, the mainstay of a classic birthday cake and key sugar crafting skill that every cake decorator must master. Animal models are the perfect place to start, and we’ve recruited the super talented Terry Tang Designer Cakes to help us in showing you how to create the most adorable and life-like pooch to top your cakes and bakes. As Royal Warrant Holders to the Queen for our almond products, we found ourselves inspired to create a corgi.

Here’s how…


  • 250g Renshaw White Chocolate Flavour Ready to Roll Icing
  • Black Food Colouring Paste
  • Pink Food Colouring Paste
  • Brown Food Colouring Paste


1. To make the body, roll Renshaw White Chocolate Flavour Ready to Roll Icing into a ball, then shape into a thick sausage. Roll the sausage between your two index fingers to create a thinner middle.

2. Stand the body up and push a cocktail stick through the body.

3. Use a small pallet knife to cut small lines into the body to create the fur.

4. To create the back leg, use a dresden tool to score a line that goes in a semi-circle from the bottom front to the back. Use the tool to lift up a gap to create the back of the knee.

5. To make the back paws start with a small ball. Roll it out into a small sausage and cut in half. Flatten out the paw and taper so the rounded end is wider, and use a knife to cut the lines for the paws.

6. Stick the paws to the bottom end of the body using cooled boiled water.

7. To make the front legs start with a ball and roll it into a sausage. Leave the middle slightly thicker, and cut in half.

8. Pinch one end between your thumb to create the paw. Taper the legs towards the paw and use a knife to mark out the paws.

9. Cut each of the legs at an angle and attach to the front of the body using cooled boiled water.

10. Use your knife to mark lines in the leg for the fur, and to blend in the join to the body.

11. To make the head, start with a ball of icing and pinch the front to make it into a slight cone shape. Use your fingers to define the shape so it looks more like the snout.

12. Use a knife to cut the mouth. Pull the bottom jaw downwards to create space for the tongue. Mark a small line on the top lip to meet the nose.

13. Attach the head to the body using cooled boiled water. Use your knife to mark the fur on the head.

14. Use food colouring paste to add facial features. Using a small, thin paintbrush, paint black lines around the mouth and eyes, and pink inside the mouth.

15. To make the ears, roll a ball of icing into a cone shape and flatten. Then, use a ball tool to mark the middle of the ear, and pinch the bottom edge with your fingers.

16. Cut the ears at an angle and attach to the head using cooled boiled water. Roll a small sausage of pink paste and flatten, then mark a small line down the centre and stick in the mouth with cooled boiled water.

17. To create the tail, make a sausage out of the white chocolate icing and roll one end into a point. Use your knife to create the fur and attach to the body with cooled boiled water.

18. Use food colouring paste to paint the fur brown, leaving the icing plain around the mouth, above the eyes, on the chest and paws.

We hope you enjoyed making your own fondant corgi dog. Don’t forget to share your pictures with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @renshawbaking