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Hints and tips: Lace and Quilting Techniques

Wednesday 28th August 2013

Here at Renshaw we have been celebrating cake for generations, and with over 100 years of baking and cake decorating experience, have heaps of expertise and inspiration just bursting to get out of our sugar crafting fingertips. This month, being all out wedding season, we’re celebrating the glorious wedding cake, that baked masterpiece of many tiered confections, comprising the most exquisite of cake decorating skills from finely modelled flowers to painstakingly piped royal icing.

Our latest hints and tips sheet provides step by step instructions on how to create intricate lace patterns and add quilting detail to your covered cakes and decorations; both slightly more tricky techniques to master, but with the right tools and our hints and tips sheet providing advice on both the simpler and more sophisticated techniques in creating these most elegant of cake decoration skills, no wedding cake needs to be without these increasingly fashionable adornments. 

Both ideally suited for the vintage wedding cake trend, and ideal when introducing texture to white or (increasingly popular) coloured icing to cover matrimonial cake creations, lace and quilting are ideal to elevate even the most simple of cake designs, making both ideal to master for when gifting a wedding cake to a close friend or member of your family. Such beautiful decoration is sure to put the cake centre stage, though make sure your design doesn’t upstage the bride! 

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So, what are you favourite lace patterns, and how would you out them to use in a wedding cake?