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Haunting Halloween Cake Trends

Wednesday 16th October 2013

Halloween’s just around the corner, so there’s no better time to bring some haunting and on-trend cake creations to life. We’ve put together a list of this year’s key trends designed to make a spooky statement. If you’re feeling generous, delight trick or treaters with these delicious creations or use them to make the ideal centre piece at a Halloween party. We’ve spoken to 4 cake enthusiasts, chosen a few of our favourite recipes and compiled a guide to Halloween’s top trends for 2013.  


1. What Lies Beneath!


Halloween is all about spooky goings-on and surprises. Watch your guests marvel at this very clever surprise cake. Cut the cake to reveal a haunting ghost lurking inside. This crafty cake by I am Baker is topped with pure white icing to complete the ghostly affect. 


2. Irresistible Renshaw Pumpkin Cupcakes 


Nothing says Halloween more than the pumpkin! Its flesh is usually scooped out to make way for lanterns and goes to waste. So why not use this to make our moreish pumpkin cupcakes? Embellish these treats with copious amounts of our Ready to Roll Icing in Orange – the staple shade of Halloween and bring this traditional favourite right up to date. 


3. Along Came a Spider


Not everyone likes spiders, but we’re sure that everyone will enjoy having a slice of this creepy crawly. Make this impactful character cake using our black and white sugar paste icing and with the added touch of bendy drinking straws (or liquorice) for legs, it’s sure to have a dramatic effect especially on any arachnophobes. We think this creation by Sugar Sweet Cakes is genius. 


4. Ghoulish Ghosts


Make this year’s Halloween extra spooky with this ghoulish innovation. Just make sure it’s eaten before it makes a miraculous disappearance!  If you’re unsure about rolling and cutting icing to size, then drapping white rolled icing over a cake could be a simple solution. We like this example, made by Tracy Jane Novelty Cakes using our white ready to roll icing covering a carved madeira sponge.


5. Monster Mania 

Monster cakes (as seen above) are one of the key trends this Halloween and it’s not hard to see why freaky beings such as ogres, zombies and the infamous Frankenstein are in such great demand.  We’re sure that you will enjoy tucking into a slice of this beastly cake, which uses a range of our versatile Ready to Roll Icing in this Halloween’s key colours, including the vivid Lincoln Green. 


6. Mysterious Owls

Halloween Owl Stencil Cake Title Final 3 Bird on a Cake

Owls have long been associated with Halloween. If you’d rather bake something a little less scary, how about an owl design? Bird on a Cake created this stunning stencil cake using black sanding sugar to create the eerie silhouette of an owl on the moon, though you could paint black food colouring directly onto orange fondant icing for the same effect. 


7. Hideous Body Parts

Eyeball-Cake-Pops halloween-trend

Take a trip to Halloween hell with our gruesome Eyeball Cake Pops. These tasty cake pops made with vanilla sponge and cream cheese frosting are sure to be a big hit with children, who will love putting the finishing touches to these revolting bite sized treats! Create dramatic pupils with our Jet Black Ready to Roll Icing and red piping icing for the intricate veins and get ready to bring your creations to life!


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