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Halloween: Scream on Screen

Monday 1st October 2018

Hello-ween, it’s been a while, well a year to be exact.

This year we’re providing you with a collection of Halloween themed films & TV series’ as inspiration to incorporate into your cake decorations.

Ghostbusters (Slimer) 

By Molly Robbins- @mollymakescakes

This Slimer cake is probably more realistic than the one in the most recent Ghostbusters film. Not many films scream Halloween quite like Ghostbusters; what more can you expect, they’re fighting against a ghost, which makes this cake relevant this time of year. ‘Who we gonna call?’… Not Ghostbusters. That’s right, we’re going to call you to try and make this amazing Halloween cake; just remember this is a Slimer and not Shrek.


Harry Potter (Dementor & Dobby)

Entry from our Marvelous Models challenge- Click here to see some of our amazing entries

Has anyone ever heard of Harry Potter? No? Of course you have, that’s like asking if anyone has heard of cake. This combination of the two looks incredible. Despite the fact that there’s very little cake in this ‘cake’, it just means you can spend more time decorating; that’s the fun part… ‘Master’. We have Flower and Modelling Paste in plenty of colours and you could even finish it off with some Rainbow Dust metallic paint.


The Walking Dead (Michonne)

By Nathasja Flapper- @Flappergastedcakes

Michonne is as fierce in cake form as she is in The Waking Dead. Although the cake won’t be fighting off zombies with a katana sword, the detail on it is amazing and I’m sure it tastes delicious (although you probably wouldn’t want to cut into it).  This cake is sure to be the highlight of any Halloween party.

Wizard of Oz (Wicked Witch)

By Kayla Trahan- @thecakeroomla

How precious is this cake? A Wicked Witch cake is a contender for the best theme possible. If you don’t agree you may not have seen The Wizard of Oz, it’s wicked in more than one way. Renshaw extra will be perfect for this cake to ensure that the icing won’t tear when you cover unusual shapes, and it’s also easily coloured with ProGels.


Entry from our Marvelous Models challenge- Click here  to see some of our amazing entries

At last, one that the kids will appreciate; this BFG cake runs with the Halloween theme without making your child cry. It’s a good job our modelling paste holds its shape and is elastic enough otherwise the giant’s thin body features would be difficult to construct. Thank us later, no problem.


American Horror Story (Elephant mask)

By Margherita Ferrara- @fashflowercake

It doesn’t get scarier than American Horror Story and this elephant mask cake is terrifying. If you leave this cake in the porch window, there’s a good chance you will have less trick or treaters. Why wouldn’t you want to try this? Eggs will be more useful in the cakes rather than splattered on houses.


Don’t forget to share any cakes that you make with us on our social media pages. We will be very impressed if we see any cakes like the ones we’ve provided; they’re all incredible. If you decide to make one of these cakes, make sure you take it with you to a Halloween party, you are sure to be the ghoulest person there.

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner and won’t even attempt to make anything like this, we’ve got you, click here for more suitable decorations.