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Guest Blog: Em Talks on Pastel Baking

Tuesday 27th May 2014

Hello, my name is Em Sheldon and I write a lifestyle blog, emtalks.co.uk, I’m excited to be writing for Renshaw today, as an avid fashion lover and foodie, it only made sense to bring both worlds together: fashion and food. You can tweet me if you liked it, @emshelx – I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Pastel Clothing

The pastel trend is on the rise 

Pastels in Fashion

Pastels quickly seem to be taking over the world, it’s not often that you will go into a shop or walk down the street and not see pastels somewhere. Lemons, mint greens, baby blues and beautiful pinks are everywhere and it’s obvious as to why it’s such a big trend.  As a blogger, I’ve seen the pastel trends in new season make up, with beautiful baby pink blushers from The Body Shop and Clarins to mint shades in eye shadows. I’ve seen pastel nail varnish trends on the rise by Essie, Barry M and Models Own and not forgetting, my wardrobe: it’s full of pastels. Even the footwear world has gone pastel crazy.

Favourite high street stores, such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Primark have gone pastel mad. Not to mention the online world, with MissGuided and ASOS’s pastel collections in full swing. The designer world is also doing pastels too, as seen at the Burberry and Chanel shows. 

Pastel Flecked Nails 

My favourite pastel nails: by Model’s Own

Pastels are pretty, easy going, fun and really get us in the mood for  Summer. They’re great for any age range because they’re so easy to wear. It’s evident that the trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon, well why should it? Pastel shades look so good in our wardrobes, on our nails and on our lips, so why not bring them into the kitchen too? Why can’t we re-create these pastel trends in our baking? These beautiful colours shouldn’t just be big in the beauty and fashion worlds, I want to incorporate these into the baking world too.

Pastel Catwalk

The pastel trend took over the catwalks this year

Pastel Shoes 

Pastel clothing is everywhere at the moment

Pastels in Baking 

Renshaw’s range of ready to roll icing is perfect for emulating the pastel trends in our kitchens. My favourite colours to use to re-create the pastel trends are the pastel greenpinkbaby blue and pastel yellow Renshaw has got it so right with their icing colours this Spring, they really are the same as the colours we’re seeing on the high street: bang on trend, pretty, fun colours but mostly, they’re easy going and playful too.

Pastel ready to roll icing

Renshaw ready to roll icing colours in pastel green, pink, baby blue and pastel yellow

After all, your kitchen deserves to be bright as well as your wardrobe. In order to easily create pastel trends in your kitchen, simply use the above colours to create the look that you’re wanting. Below is some inspiration:  

Pastels Cookies

Pastel cookies: Pastel cookies can easily be used creating Renshaw’s ready to roll icing, simply use a cookie cutter to cut out the shapes that you want and then place on top of your biscuit. These are perfect for wowing your guests at a Summer party. This Easter biscuits recipe is great to show you how to use ready to roll icing – just change the colours to pastel colours! I love this bunting biscuits recipe too! 

Pastels Lace Biscuits 

Pastel Cupcakes

Pastel cupcakes: If you prefer the daisy trend, I love these adordable pastel cupcakes. Simply cut out a circle of your favourite Renshaw’s icing in order to create the pastel colours that you want and then cut out the shapes to go on top. Renshaw’s have done a similar recipe here, just change the colours! 

Pastel Pink Ombre Cake

Pastel Daisy Cake

Pastel cakes: If you’re wanting to make a pastel cake, the daisy cake is a great starting point.  If you’re wanting to try something a bit more difficult, check out the pink ombre cake recipe. The list is endless when it comes to pastels, they’re popular for a reason and hopefully you’ll agree that they look beautiful on cookies and cakes too! There are no rules when it comes to pastel colours, have fun, experiment and let us know what you come up with! The only problem is, they’ll look too beautiful to eat!