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GBBO Bread Week: Renshaw Rundown

Wednesday 7th October 2020

This week, on The Great British Bake Off..

*Don’t worry, no major spoilers – we won’t disclose who won Star Baker, the technical or who was sent home. We’re catch-up friendly*

GBBO 2020 is well underway now, and episode 3 featured the return of a fan favourite – bread week! Grab a bread-based snack of your choice, sit back, and enjoy this rundown of Tuesday’s events.


The episode kicked off with a double challenge – the bakers had to present Paul and Prue with both a savoury and sweet soda bread loaf.

Inspiration for the bakes came from all over, from various locations both home and away, to classic and completely new flavour combinations! This quote from Matt Lucas comes to mind…

We’re cake people, so you can understand our confusion.

Bakers incorporated marzipan, blueberries and SALMON in their loaves so it’s safe to say our minds have been opened to what exactly one can achieve with bread as their canvas. This round even saw the second Hollywood Handshake of the series – and it was a well deserved reward for a brave shot of creativity.


Other highlights included this little error from Marc…we promise we tried not to laugh too hard.

And we have to admit, we’re becoming very fond of Lottie’s dry wit.


Next up was a very bright, bold technical, with the bakers tasked with producing 6 rainbow bagels. Bagels are a tricky affair at the bests of times, as it can be tough to achieve a satisfying chew, shape and shine. Throw in all the colours of the rainbow and you’ve got a real difficult task.

If you’re inspired by these vibrant bakes then you’ll pleased to know that we’ve just published our own Rainbow Bread recipe, featuring our fabulous Rainbow Dust ProGels to create some luminous shades.

Check it out here.

Overall it was slippery slope of quality for the technical, which was perhaps to be expected as most of the bakers were complete bagel novices. A very humble and wholesome winner took the round with some beautifully executed bakes.


For Tuesday’s grand finale, the bakers each had to produce a hefty, intricate bread plaque that showcased what they were grateful for in their lives. The combinations of multiple breads, delicate modelling and bold flavours were really impressive. Check them all out below:

Rainbow Dust Liquid Colour and Metallic Paints would be perfect for creating some colourful designs of your own if you’re so inclined – just saying.


This week’s pick for our favourite bake of the episode comes from Aaron in the Marketing team. He’s chosen Rowan’s Worcestershire Pear Tree showstopper, for its textural variety and vibrant visuals. Excellent work from Rowan!

And our favourite quote of the week comes courtesy of Laura, simply because it’s something that no one needs or wants to hear in a high pressure kitchen environment:

“It looks like poo.”

Laura Adlington

That’s all, folks! Thanks for reading. As always, make sure you let us know what you’re baking this week on social @renshawbaking, and head over to our Recipes section if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Stay safe, and happy baking!