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GBBO Biscuit Week: Renshaw Rundown

Wednesday 30th September 2020

This week, on The Great British Bake Off..

*Don’t worry, no major spoilers – we won’t disclose who won Star Baker, the technical or who was sent home. We’re catch-up friendly*

We’ve been counting down the days to episode 2 after last week’s opener (best first episode ever!), and it didn’t disappoint.


The Bakers were given the challenge of creating Florentines, thin and crunchy enough to give you a satisfying snap. The snap on David’s Florentines left us shook! Mango proved to be a popular flavour in the tent, with 3 of the Bakers using it to create delicious flavours, like Mak’s mango and cashew combo.

Ruby chocolate was another common theme of the night, being used to coat the crunchy biscuits. But not Rowan’s. No, Rowan went rogue (as he’s accustomed to do) and topped his Florentines with some very dapper waistcoats. He found himself under some direct challenge from Paul and Prue though to try to get his bakes finished on time. And did he take their advice? Of course not, Rowan’s just here for a good time!


This week’s technical challenge was the classic, coconutty macaroon (not to be confused with macarons!). That kitchen cupboard treat that nans across the country bring out when you come to visit, accompanied with a nice brew.

Poor Peter’s macaroons were slightly pale… ok we’re being generous, they were snow white, and we had a suspicion that his oven wasn’t even turned on. He had another strong week in the tent though, and we’re marking Peter as one to watch this season!

Those chewy macaroons did raise an important question – is it really a biscuit?! Not quite crunchy enough for a biscuit, not quite soft enough for a cake, we think it needs its own classification. Answers on a postcard please.


For the biscuit showstopper, Paul and Prue challenged the Bakers to create a sculpture based on a memorable meal, complete with a full dinner/tea set. No problem ?

Our favourite bake of the week, chosen by Kayleigh McDonough in the Marketing Team, must go to none other than Marc’s showstopper inspired by his morning coffee ‘n’ toast. Perfectly made with bright, inviting colours. You can create your own colourful biscuits by adding a drop of Rainbow Dust ProGel Colours to your dough. But we can’t mention showstoppers without talking about the flasher in the tent…

Rowan’s teapot lighthouse, complete with flashing light! Biting off more than he could chew with his design, he styled the cracks out as ‘rustic’, which we think is solid advice for any bake that’s gone awry.

If you’re feeling inspired to make your own creative biscuits but moulding and baking a fully formed edible teapot seems a bit of a stretch, take a look at some of our simpler (but equally delicious) biscuit recipes and tutorials, like the fun and colourful Fairy Door Biscuits made with Renshaw Royal Icing and Ready to Roll Icing.

Royal Icing is perfect not only for covering and decorating biscuits, either by piping or flooding, but you can use it to attach pieces together if you are feeling brave enough to tackle a larger structure like a gingerbread house, lighthouse or Viking boat! Ready to Roll Icing can be used to create textures and 3D effects, and the wide range of colours make your biscuit decorating easy.


There was never going to be another choice for this, was there?

Bakers, I give you Prue Leith:
“I remember worrying about your very large nuts”

The bigger the better we say, Prue!

There’s much more to see over on our socials, so make sure you keep up to date @renshawbaking. Don’t forget to check out our recipes page too if you need some inspiration.

Happy Baking! x