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GBBO 2020: The Renshaw Rundown’s Top Bakes

Wednesday 25th November 2020

And in the blink of an eye, The Great British Bake Off 2020 is over ?. This year really was a special series, wasn’t it? The show provided us with a sense of normality amongst the chaotic world we’re currently living in. Yet, we’re sure it felt anything but normal for the bakers, who behind the scenes lived within their baking bubble (now festively known as ‘bauble’) of complete strangers for 6 weeks in some kind of baking boot camp! But we’re ever so grateful they did.

Join us for the final Renshaw Rundown as we take you through our favourite signature, technical, and showstopper of this year’s same-but-different series.

Our Favourite Signature Bake

Now we know the Bake Off showstoppers are the most memorable, but the signature challenges are great for those keen bakers amongst us who love to bake along with the show. I mean, who has the time to create a 3D jelly cake anyway? This year’s signatures ranged from brownies, soda bread and everything in between. However, there was a clear winner for us..

The cutest steamed bun’s of Japanese Week! ?

Our reason for this? They were all SO. CUTE. Need we say more?

Here at Renshaw, we love all things kawaii. We would highly recommend using our sister brand Rainbow Dust’s Cake Craft Pens on your bakes to easily achieve the cute expressions associated with kawaii characters. Check out these peach cookies by our very own Francezka Bell for inspiration, they’d make a great gift for friends and family, or just for yourself (you so deserve it ?).

Our Best-loved Technical

The technical really is public enemy no.1 amongst the bakers; it’s unknown and obscure nature has us all puzzled most Tuesday evenings. On that note, we chose our favourite technical purely based on the fact we had absolutely NO idea what it was, and to be honest, we still don’t really know!

It’s the Sussex Pond Pudding from Dessert Week ?


Prue declared this as her favourite dessert. Why? We’re still searching for that answer. I mean, a WHOLE lemon? Really? As if this year wasn’t sour enough already. We can assure you, our recipes are MUCH better dessert options ?. We just loved this technical as there was a clear unanimous hatred for it. This really was the trickiest technical of them all!

The showstopper of all showstoppers!

Caged tarts, bread sculptures and biscuit tea sets – just a few of the creative showstoppers the bakers were tasked to create this year, and we were WOWED every time! But, it’s easy for us to choose the best showstopper challenge for us, particularly because it featured some of our very own Sugarpaste!

Cake Week’s Personal Celebrity Hero Showstopper’s ?

We still find it hard to keep a straight face looking back through these bust cakes, they were all so amazing and so bad all at the same time! Louis Theroux and David Bowie in cake form are just some of the brilliant examples that graced our screens on episode 1.

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A post shared by The Great British Bake Off (@britishbakeoff)

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by The Great British Bake Off (@britishbakeoff)

In fact, we loved these showstoppers SO MUCH – we launched a competition based on it! You can check out our full competition details for your chance to win a £250 Hobbycraft voucher here.

There’s much more to see over on our socials, so make sure you keep up to date @renshawbaking.

Happy Baking! x