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Fun festive marzipan recipes for Christmas

Friday 22nd November 2013

Christmas is upon us, cake fans! Steaming mugs of mulled wine beckon, and the indulgent, spice-laden bakes inspired by this time year are too tempting for words. Who can resist the short crust delights of an icing sugar sprinkled mince pie, or the warming, toasted flavours of gingerbread biscuits, perfect for dunking in a hot cup of tea. Almond flavours abound too, and whilst covering your traditional Christmas cake in marzipan is the obvious place to get your fix, there are plenty more cakes and bakes which make use of this most delicious baking ingredient.

Cranberry Stollen

Stollen Web Resized

A firm festive favourite traditionally found on Christmas markets, this continental cake uses marzipan in a unique way, by incorporating this delicious nut paste into the batter before baking, rather than covering the finished bake. Mix with cranberries for a truly seasonal flavour, though any of your favourite dried fruits and spices will do.

Click here for the Cranberry Stollen recipe.

Chocolate Marzipan Log

Chocolate Marzipan Log Web Resized

The chocolate log is a British favourite but instead of the typical whipped cream concoction, fill and roll your sponge up with a thin layer of marzipan. Secured in place with a thin layer of chocolate frosting (adding orange zest if you want to be truly decadent), this is perfect for those who aren’t a big fan of the traditional marzipan-covered fruit cake.

Click here for the Chocolate Marzipan Log recipe.

Christmas Battenberg

Battenberg Web - Resized

Colourfully layered sponge wrapped in marzipan is the hallmark of this classic cake, which has been given a seasonally inspired make over. Red and green sponge layers replace the delicate hues of yellow and pink, and with layer upon layer of marzipan in place of the traditionally covered sponge, this Christmas Battenberg provides an intense almond hit. Why not grill the top layer for extra texture and a delicious toasted flavour too?

Click here for the Christmas Battenburg recipe.

Chocolate Marzipan Biscuits

Marzipan Tree Web - Resized

Chocolate and almonds are happy bedfellows, and shortbread biscuits coated in chocolate and topped with brightly coloured marzipan (which is super easy to mix in yourself) are the ultimate in Christmas indulgence. Easy to bake with the kids, using shaped cutters and festive colour pastes, this Christmas tree creation is the perfect place to start

Click here for the Chocolate Marzipan Biscuits recipe.

Remember though, marzipan is for life, not just for Christmas!