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Five Fashion Inspired Wedding Cake Trends

Thursday 29th May 2014

Wedding cakes are a big deal. Just ask any bride to be who’s agonised over the number of tiers, whether to go classic white or more colourful, round or square and how many decorations to include. It’s as difficult as choosing the dress.

So with that in mind we think it’s a great idea to co-ordinate the cake design with the dress. It makes for a seamless visual motif and also means most of the hard work has been done for you once you’ve decided on the right dress.

We’ve selected five dresses we think are absolutely beautiful and five cakes that are as equally stunning to show you how wedding dress fashion can inform cake design.



WeddingCake Flowers

(Image: Sugar Couture www.sugar-couture.com)


   (Image: Joanne Ferguson Bridal http://joannefergusonbridal.com/)

Thanks to the visual lushness of the recent film version of The Great Gatsby there is a current vogue for intricate headdresses and floral detailing to enhance the cut and flow of wedding dresses. This beautiful dress from Joanne Ferguson Bridal has all the elegance of an authentic 1930s high society dress, one you could easily picture Daisy Buchanan wearing. And the gorgeous cake made by Sugar Couture uses delicate sugar crafted flowers to add a flourish to its stark deco styling.



WeddingCake Pearls

(Image: Sweet Grace www.sweetgrace.net)


(Image: Elizabeth Anne Designs www.elizabethannedesigns.com)

Few items are as synonymous with the Big Day as pearls. You’ll find them adorning tiaras, hairpins, clutch bags and vintage style wedding shoes. Pearls say many things: vintage, class, tradition, grace. And that’s why they are such an enduringly popular element of wedding fashion. This dress found on Elizabeth Anne Designs uses copious amounts of pearls to make a lavish statement. And the use of pearls has crossed over to wedding cake designs, like in this classic wedding cake from Sweet Grace. Here the pearls are used to lift what would be a plain cake into an eye catching centrepiece.  



 WeddingCake Jewels

(Image: Style Me Pretty www.stylemepretty.com)


(Image: One Fab Day www.onefabday.com)

Every bride needs some show stopping jewelery on her special day, but the glamour and sophistication doesn’t need to be confined to earrings or a necklace. This wonderfully elegant dress by Deja-vu Bridal (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deja-Vu-Bridal/10150145648565471) has jewels and beads woven through its fabric to make this a dress to die for. With a dress like that it makes perfect sense to have a cake designed which uses jewels and trinkets to become the focal point of the banquet. 



WeddingCake Lace

(Image: Erica O’Brien www.ericaobrien.com)


(Image: Belle & Bunty www.belleandbunty.co.uk)

Few materials are as undeniably beautiful and feminine as lace, and its position as an essential part of wedding fashion and decor is well established. We love the gentle flowing sheen the lace imparts to the silk underlay of this dress by Bell & Bunty. There’s something about the understated nature of the dress that means it screams opulence without ostentation. Given lace’s esteem in the wedding designer world it’s little surprise its influence should seep into cake design too. But capturing the delicacy of lace in sugar crafting isn’t easy. This cake by Erica O’Brien has some of the most realistic lace detailing we’ve seen.   



WeddingCake Frills

(Image: Wilton www.wilton.com)


(Image: Kristen Booth www.kristenbooth.net)

What can we say about this 50s inspired dress except: we adore pink frills. Moving away from the traditional white dress is an inspired move and the delicate tulle frills make the dress a flowing fairy tale dream.  

Frills and ruffles need to be used in moderation to avoid dresses, and cakes, becoming a little bit too cutesy and we think this cake manages to walk that fine line with the simple frilled design giving it a strong visual appeal.

So if you’re deciding on a cake for your big day, or maybe you’ve been asked to bake a cake for someone else’s wedding remember to draw inspiration from the dress.

We’d love to hear what you think of these dress-inspired cakes. Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.