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Fabulous Valentine’s Day Cakes To Melt Your Heart

Thursday 30th January 2014

If any celebration carries the potential for outright disaster it’s Valentine’s Day. Everyone has a story of some awful present that left them in tears, or year after year of limp flowers and cheap chocolates. And that’s assuming your significant other even remembers the day at all.

The thing is Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a day best forgotten. Rather than buy a box of chocolates, why not show that special someone that you really care by pouring all your love and affection into making them a beautiful Valentine’s Day cake.

Rainbow Heart Cake


Don’t feel that a Valentine’s Day cake has to be a crazily intricate creation. This sponge and buttercream cake is simple to make and oh-so tasty, and the decoration is beautiful. To make the hearts all you need is a heart-shaped cutter and different colours of our Ready To Roll Icing and away you go.

Pink Velvet Valentine Cake

Pink Velvet Valentine Cake

This delicious creation comes courtesy of Christi over at Love From The Oven. Again, this is a simple recipe with the delicate velvet sponge smothered in a tasty vanilla frosting. A liberal covering of heart sprinkles adds to the cute factor and some tasty heart-shaped cake toppers are the perfect finishing touch.

Flower Cupcakes


If all the hearts are a bit too sickly sweet for you then how about a batch of these beautiful flower cupcakes? They’ll certainly go down better than the last bunch of roses from the flower shop! Although painting the flowers onto the cupcakes may look tricky you can use a stencil to make them picture perfect each time.

Cherry-Vanilla Layer Cake


We just love the vibrant combination of colours in this cake by Heather over at SprinkleBakes. The soft blue of the Swiss meringue buttercream frosting really makes the bright pink sponge leap out. The heart topper is sculpted from flower and modelling paste and dipped in sprinkles.

Lips Cake Pops


Give the one you love the sweetest kiss imaginable with these cake pops. The light vanilla cake pop sponge and sweet, pink and easy to coat Colour Melts makes them the perfect treat to enjoy after a romantic meal.

Valentine’s Cookies


These adorable heart-shaped cookies make the perfect Valentine’s gift. This recipe from Cherry Menlove is super simple and makes a huge batch of cookies, perfect for enjoying even after the 14th has passed. The icing decoration is easy to achieve and these could be the perfect last minute gift idea.

What will you bake for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? We’d love to hear about it so tell us on Twitter and Facebook.