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Eggs-traordinary Easter Bakes To Inspire This Easter Weekend

Wednesday 25th March 2015

Whether you’re baking with children, for a family get together, or even for yourself, Easter is a great time to create some fun and unusual cakes. You can go all out and test your baking and sugar crafting to the max, but it’s also possible to make some tasty treats without over eggs-erting yourself (sorry). Here are a few ideas.

Surprise Bunny Loaf Cake

The Easter egg hunt, what’s inside each egg, how many eggs will you get? Easter is all about surprises, so a cake with a hidden surprise inside makes perfect sense. Don’t be scared, these kinds of cakes are quite simple to make.

Just bake your favourite chocolate-flavoured tray bake then once cooled, use a cookie cutter to cut out little bunny shapes. Line them up side-by-side in a bread tin and then carefully pour over a vanilla-flavoured batter and bake again until all is baked through, simple as that.

It’s important to cover the whole cake so that it is a total surprise when your guests cut into it. Rolling out a layer of fondant icing to cover the cake will hide everything perfectly.

Easter Egg Cake Pops

You don’t have to be Mary Berry to create eye-catching cakes and bakes at Easter time. These Easter egg cake pops by
Zoe’s Fancy Cakes should get everyone eggs-ited, and are a cinch to whip up. Using Colour Melts and Flower and Modelling Paste you can make simple and colourful eggs with a personal touch. These make the ideal treat to share with family and friends and will delight children.

Bunny Rabbit Cupcakes

If you don’t fancy slaving over a big cake then why not try a batch of Easter bunny cupcakes. You can create these quickly using the kinds of ingredients you’re bound to have lying around the kitchen: self-raising flour, caster sugar, butter and a couple of eggs.

For the decoration you just need some frosting, Ready to Roll Icing and a little royal icing. The frosting gives the cakes a fluffy texture that imitates the soft fuzzy fur of bunnies. It also makes a great platform for the icing features. Another example of how simple techniques can be so effective. Here’s the

Gravity Defying Showstopper

Finally, for our showstopper: a gravity defying Easter cake. If you’ve been following recent trends in the cake world, you’ll know that the gravity defying cake is one of the hot trends. It is a cake that looks precariously poised on a small platform and supported by an “invisible” structure that holds it all together. Decorating this cake with wonderful little creatures in a beautiful Easter theme will make the cake even more impressive.

You can start by looking at how to make the supportive Easter egg base, which would also make a perfect Easter decoration for any cake you’re thinking of making. Allow your creative juices to flow with this gorgeous cake, it’s a really beautiful cake to master, and with a long Easter weekend coming up, you have all the time in the world to get it spot on.

If you’ve been inspired to tie on your apron by any of these Easter bakes please share pictures of your homemade bakes with us on social media.