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Easy-peasy summer bakes for any occasion

Thursday 21st July 2016

Summer is the season of garden parties, picnics, barbecues, fetes and a whole host of other occasions that involve enjoying a bite to eat under the sun.

For those who can simply sit back and enjoy all the delicious food that’s brought to them, our sunniest season brings nothing but good news. But for the people charged with the planning, preparation, cooking and serving up of all these refreshments, the workload can quickly build up.

So for those who love to bake but wouldn’t mind a bit more time to relax and enjoy the sunshine this summer, here are five easy-peasy summer bakes.

Classic Victoria Sandwich

Many bakers have fond memories of learning to bake by making their first Victoria Sandwich as kids. But strangely it’s a cake that a lot of grown-up bakers rarely return to – perhaps because they see it as too simple?

But while the Victoria Sandwich is a great cake for beginners to try, it actually takes a lot of practice to perfect it. There are also all kinds of subtle variations that can make it a fun cake to play around with, without departing too far from the classic recipe.

To make your Victoria Sandwich look extra special without spending forever on decoration, try our Renshaw Victoria Sandwich recipe >. The optional Queen’s Cupcakes surrounding it will allow you to serve more people and make the whole thing look even more enticing.

Beautiful Battenburg cake

A slice of light and fluffy Battenburg cake is a delicious summer treat, and while it looks great, it’s not especially hard to make and decorate. You’ll need a steady hand to cut the sponges so that they’re lined up nicely, but there’s no intricate decoration needed.

Battenburg cakes are perfect for afternoon teas in the garden or conservatory, or as standalone snack at any time of day. Check out our Battenburg recipe here >

Totally tropical fruitcake

Fruitcakes take a while in the oven and will probably require a special trip to the shops (unless your larder is especially well stocked) but they’re nice and easy to make, not to mention absolutely delicious. They’re filling and flavoursome, and go especially well with a generous dollop of clotted cream.

The rustic country look of a fruitcake means you don’t need to spend time on decoration (unless you want to of course) but a slice of this fruity favourite will still look wonderful on the plate. Our totally tropical fruitcake is definitely one to try >

Everyone will love to love these love heart cookies

Bringing a tin of homemade cookies with you to a garden party is a great idea, mainly because almost everyone can fit at least one in – even after they’ve had their fill of sandwiches, pastries and cakes.

These love heart cookies are easy to make and, by using piping frosting along with pearls, you can create whatever designs you like.

Hamburger cupcakes

If you can’t bear to serve up a plain-looking cupcake but don’t have the time for any intricate modelling or piping, how about something simpler and more tongue-in-cheek? These hamburger cupcakes are sure to get some laughs!

We hope you’ve been inspired by these easy-peasy summer bakes. Let us know what you like to bake when the sun’s shining.