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Easy Christmas Treats

Monday 12th December 2016

Christmas can be such a busy time; braving shops and queues at the weekend for gifts, tackling the supermarket aisles, festive parties and hanging the decorations. It’s a Christmas miracle when we find the time to bake something, so that’s why we’ve pulled some quick and easy ideas out of Santa’s bag to make sure everyone gets time for a sweet treat during the holidays.

Christmas Pudding Digestives

Want to impress visiting family or friends with your festive prowess, but just haven’t got around to baking all those fancy biscuits you had planned? Not to worry! Turn that simple pack of chocolate digestives in the cupboard into Christmas puddings in no time. Serve them up with a cup of tea and make that family catch-up just a bit more special than usual.

We’ve topped these biscuits with a wave of White Chocolate Flavour icing and used Poppy Red and Lincoln Green for the holly and berries. If you haven’t got a leaf shaped cutter, then use a small round one to create the holly leaf effect.

Christmas Tree Tear & Share Cupcakes

This recipe is unbelievably easy and quick to make. Whip your mix together then have them baked in 15 minutes! Top most of your cupcakes with Lincoln Green Icing (cover one in Ruby Red for the tree stand) and arrange into a tree shape. Top with a Yellow icing star and you’re almost set to go – just add your choice of sweets for baubles to finish them off. See, we told you this was easy.

We’ve got a feeling these cupcakes will be swiped from the plate before you’ve even put them on the table. Find the recipe here.

Christmas Wreath Jammie Dodgers

Another idea that saves the mess and time of baking, use Jammie Dodgers or a similar shaped biscuit and turn these easily into Christmas wreaths.

Roll different shades of green icing into ropes of equal width and plait these together. We used Lincoln Green, Bottle Green and Pastel Green. Measure the plait against your biscuits and trim to size. Use Poppy Red icing to model a small bow and stick this over the join of the green icing with a little cooled boiled water.

Alternatively, use a leaf shaped cutter with your green icing and layer these up along the surface of the biscuit for a luxurious looking treat in no time at all.

Christmas Tree Brownies

For a decadent bake that won’t take the 12 Days of Christmas to make, you could mix up a batch of triple chocolate brownies. Transform an everyday bake into a festive feast by topping these indulgent brownies with Christmas tree decorations. They’re simple to make and are a great way of getting the kids interested and involved in baking during the festive season. Get the recipe here.

Take a look at more of our Christmas recipes for inspiration and let us know what you’ll be making over on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Merry Christmas!