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Easy Baking Activities to Try at Home

Tuesday 24th March 2020

We understand that everyone is going through a challenging time with self-isolation necessary and schools closing, however we’ve got some fun ideas for you to try out at home to pass the time.


Cupcakes are one of the most popular baking activities for kids to do and it’s clear why – they’re easy, colourful and most importantly… FUN!

Cupcakes can be very versatile and we have a range of easy cupcake tutorials to use from fondant to frosting toppings.

Burger and Ice Cream Cupcakes

These two tutorials are some of our favourite recipes that we have on the website (and considering we have 364 – that says a lot!). What could be more fun in a child’s mind than cupcakes that look like other foods? Not only are they easy to make, but with our Vanilla and Chocolate Frostings they’re sure to taste as great as they look – we certainly wouldn’t say no to burgers for dinner and dessert! ??

Blue Velvet Cupcakes

(See also red, pink, orange, green, yellow, or whichever colour is your favourite!)

The simplest cupcakes can sometimes be the best – simply add a small amount of Rainbow Dust ProGel food colouring to the cake mix and you can make some cute, colourful cupcakes. If you’re baking with more than one child separate the batter into multiple bowls to ensure the kids stay entertained and make an array of coloured cupcakes – think rainbow or traffic light sets (or which ever colours you have in your kitchen).

Textured and Patterned Cupcakes

These might require a little more adult supervision, but they can be perfect for themed cupcakes for favourite films, characters or TV shows. To make these cupcakes even more child-friendly you could use Rainbow Dust Click-Twist Brushes for easier application of the Metallic Paint.

Warning: If you follow this tutorial you might expect to hear “LET IT GOOOOOOO” be sung fifty times a day for the next three months ?

Neon Cupcakes

For more fun decorated cupcakes why not try to recreate these fun designs using our Neon Colour Multipacks. With 7 designs like sea creatures and dinosaurs with full tutorials, we can certainly keep you busy.

And if you think you need specialist cake decorating equipment for these cute characters, you don’t! Most of these tutorials include simple everyday items including straws, cocktail sticks and a circle cutter as tools.


It’s not just cupcakes that children love to bake and decorate – biscuits are another fun and exciting way to get them involved in baking and teach them new skills.

Royal Icing Hearts

Lot’s of children will be going without seeing their grandparents for an extended period of time, but we’ve had an idea for brightening up both their days. Help them make these cute Royal Icing hearts for their grandparents and (if you can) drop them off in a tin outside their home or if not give them a video call and show them what their grandchildren made for them. ❤️️

Dipped Sprinkle Biscuits

Have some more Royal Icing fun with these easy to make dipped sprinkle biscuits. Your child will love adding the sprinkles to create a colourful work of art.

You could even use Rainbow Dust Sugar Crystals or Edible Confetti for an extra fun, artistic design.

Gingerbread Cookies

This is the perfect use for some of your leftover Ready to Roll Icing – create delicious gingerbread families with colourful outfits with our mouthwatering gingerbread recipe topped with our equally mouthwatering Icing.

You could also make cute cookies inspired by your child’s favourite TV or film character like these cute Harry Potter biscuits from Zoe’s Fancy Cakes.

Flour Free Bakes

We are more than aware that flour is in short supply at the moment and whilst we’re sure the shelves will soon be fully stocked, in the meantime we’ve got some fun flour-free baking ideas for you to try.

Sandwich Sprinkle Biscuits

This might be the easiest thing you do all week – open a pack of biscuits, a pot of Vanilla or Chocolate Frosting and some sprinkles, then let young children get creative whilst you sit down and relax with a cuppa.

Peanut Butter Cookies

These tasty looking peanut butter cookies feature just 4 ingredients… caster sugar, an egg, a pinch of salt and of course peanut butter, so not only are they easy to make but they also won’t empty your kitchen cabinets!

Courtesy of BBC Good Food ?

Easter Cakes and Bakes

It may not be your usual Easter but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have some classic Easter treats (and we don’t just mean Easter eggs).

Chocolate Rice Krispie Tray Bake

They don’t get more classic or traditional than Rice Krispie cakes – the cereal no one eats throughout the year turns into a delicious Easter dessert when smothered in either melted chocolate or as in this recipe – butter and delicious golden syrup ? For extra bonus points with the kids (or to bribe them into doing something you want them to do) let them lick the bowl full of yummy chocolate ?

You can even add some mini eggs and paint them with Rainbow Dust’s NEW Rose Gold Lustre for an extra enchanting effect.

Marzipan Brownies

Chocolate and marzipan brownies are great as a weekend treat or something different (and slightly healthier) to try for Easter baking. The chocolate and almond flavours work together really well, and these are really easy to make.

Lamb Cupcakes

These simple lamb cupcakes are the perfect Easter treat – fun to make and delicious to eat. Marshmallows are a much loved flavour (just ask anyone who has tried our Marshmallow Flavour Extra Icing) and you can make them even better by adding some Rainbow Dust Twinkle Dust for an extra sparkle to brighten up these cute lambs. ?

Courtesy of Sainsbury’s Recipes.

More Education and Inspiration

We plan to keep sharing fun and easy baking activities across our Facebook and Instagram pages, including hosting Facebook Live videos with some of our ambassadors and collaborators, teaching simple recipes and tips for decorating using standard everyday kitchen tools.

Other activities you could try include entering our TWO ongoing Mother’s Day competitions. The first is a quick and easy unscrambling of words to form a short six word sentence, which you stand a chance of winning one of SIX mega hampers of Renshaw and Rainbow Dust products if you correctly enter here. Our second competition is over on Facebook and all you have to do is share your Mother’s Day cakes and bakes and/or a baking memory with your mum/children for a chance to win Afternoon Tea for Two (a perfect treat for when life returns to normality).

For all of our 364 tutorials on our website click here.