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Few events lend themselves as naturally to baking as Easter: bright colours, cutesy animals and chocolate. What’s not to love? That’s why you’ll find all your Easter baking needs here at Renshaw.

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EASTER BAKING RECIPES: Whether you want to whip up a classic simnel cake recipe or want to try your hand at some Easter biscuits to share with the family, we’ve got a huge variety of Easter baking ideas for you to explore.

EASTER BAKING INGREDIENTS: Need some bright Ready To Roll Fondant Icing to brighten up a batch of Easter cupcakes? We’ve got 34 different colours for you to choose from so you can make your Easter baking as eye-catching as it is mouth watering. And as marzipan is integral to several Easter baking recipes, you’ll find our range of marzipan, both traditional and coloured, the ideal solution.

BAKING INSPIRATION: But it doesn’t stop at products for Easter baking. You can find inspiration for your next project, by browsing our selection of Easter baking recipes. From cakes and cupcakes to biscuits and cake pops, we’ve got Easter baking recipes to suit all tastes and skill levels.