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Discover new Easter treat inventiveness this year

Wednesday 16th March 2016

Few things are more thrilling for kids than the annual egg hunt. Make their Easter even more special when you bake one of these 8 tasty Easter treats.

Textured Easter eggs

These eggs are pure icing, so you might want to use them as a decorative element to a cake rather than as a morsel to eat in its own right. It’s all in the texture of the icing, of course. You’ll want to manipulate the icing so that there are no cracks or seams at all, so spend a little time fashioning the perfect egg shape in your palm. Experiment with the colours you want to decorate the egg with. Use embossing tools to create your desired texture or stick icing shapes onto your egg instead. A combination of the two makes for a very effective display.

Marzipan owl biscuits

Bold, brightly coloured marzipan is the perfect material with which to shape these inspired owl biscuit decorations. Unless you are very deft of hand with your carving you can create all the marzipan shape elements with cutters and plungers, which will help to create uniformity across your biscuits even if the colours and designs differ. Kids and adults alike will adore these tasty owls.

Flower cake pops

Cake pops make marvellous party favours or sweet treats to decorate your Easter cake with on Easter Sunday. You’ll need a variety of colour melts to dip your cake pops into for this collection. It’s fun to contrast the colour of the cake pop with the icing flower you decorate it with. Use plungers or shape cutters to form your flowers and allow a little time for the petals to set in an egg box before popping them onto the cake pop.

Easter egg cake pops

Fashion your sponge into egg shapes rather than the usual sphere and dip them into the melts as you normally would. The skill involved in decorating these egg pops is in the piping. Carefully add the hundreds and thousands to your vanilla frosting and apply it only once the colour melt has set. It will be much easier to wipe off any errors from a chilled surface than from one that is not fully hardened. A little piping experimentation is also a good idea before you decorate your pops.

Easter egg biscuit pops

There are only 3 ingredients in the biscuits and they take mere minutes to bake, so the emphasis must be on how you decorate these charming Easter biscuit pops. Make sure you use apricot jam to help your icing adhere to the biscuit itself. Use the same oval cutter for the icing as you did the biscuit. Have fun with the indentations you make on your icing or when you mix the icing together into geometric shapes.

Chocolate mini egg cupcakes

Let’s not forget that chocolate is an important part of Easter baking, not least if you’ve been disciplined enough to give it up for Lent! These chocolate mini egg cupcakes are perfect for afternoon tea. Though effective the decoration is very simple and merely requires a little piping to create the nest shape.

Simnel cupcakes

Simnel cakes are the traditional Easter baked item. Because the marzipan makes them so filling, these miniature Simnel cakes make wonderful gifts as well as Easter afternoon tea staples. Traditionally Simnel cakes are made of fruit, but these delicious cupcakes are made of sponge with an added orange zest twist as well as grated marzipan.

Bunny rabbit cupcakes

No Easter celebration is complete without an appearance from the Easter Bunny, and who could argue when he appears in cake form? All that’s needed to make these light and fun cupcakes extra delicious is some piped vanilla frosting and bunny features fashioned from fondant. Have fun making unique expressions for each cupcake!

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