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Comic Strip Cakers Collaboration

Tuesday 17th December 2019

The Comicstrip Cakers Collaboration came about as an idea for Marvel comic fans within the cake community to pay tribute in celebration of Marvel Comics 80th birthday this year.

It was put together by Fee Kakes (of Scrumptious Kakes) and Kathy Cooper (of Kathy Cooper A Slice of Art) as part of The Cake Collective (a collective cake group set up by Vicki Du Plessis) that encourages cake artists from around the world of at all levels to challenge themselves by participating in various collaborations.

The aim of all 25 cake artists who participated in the collaboration was to do their own interpretation of their favourite Marvel comic characters and to have fun with it (and it certainly sounds like they all had fun).

A Selection of the Features

Jacqui Kelly’s ‘Tony Stark’

Jacqui Kelly used our luxurious Belgian White Chocolate Modelling Paste to create her piece, and she also demonstrated the benefits of our Extra range with our extra thin, extra stretchy and extra strong fondant helping to decorate this hyper-realistic Tony Stark feature.

Julie Rogerson’s ‘Hobgoblin’

Julie Rogerson used our Renshaw Extra Black to cover her creation – the perfect choice as our Extra range was designed with novelty sculpted cakes and models in mind, whilst she used Rainbow Dust ProGel Orange to get the perfect shade for Hobgoblin’s suit and cape.

Geraldine Cheng-chiu’s ‘Hulkbuster’

We also love Geraldine Cheng-chiu’s ‘Hulkbuster’ creation made using Rice Krispy Treats and then hand-painted with Rainbow Dust’s Metallic Paint Red to achieve the exact colour of the Iron Man suit.

More Information

We love seeing the cake community come together and collaborate for shared interests (especially when so many of the cake artists use Renshaw and Rainbow Dust products ?).

For more information and all of the cake artists work the collaboration can be found on Facebook – www.facebook.com/ComicStripCakers

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