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There are few more decadent and delicious cake toppings than melted chocolate – and there are few easier ways to create the perfect chocolate coating than by using Renshaw’s colour melts.

Renshaw’s colour melts are ideal for coating all manner of baked goodies in a smooth and delicious icing, from cake pops to dipped biscuits. Simply give the pot a shake, remove the lid and replace it loosely. From there heat in a microwave on full power for 30 second and then stir the contents of the pot for another 30 seconds. Re-cover and then heat for a further 20 seconds, followed by another 30 seconds of stirring. By this stage your chocolate should be fully melted and ready to use, but if not then return to the microwave for a further 10 seconds.

You can use your smooth icing as a topping or decoration for a huge range of baked goods. Colour melts make an excellent coating for cake pops, or as an indulgent top layer to a cupcake or tray bake. Alternatively you could use the colour melts to mould into individual sweet treats, or as a dip for biscuits leaving them with an attractive and delicious coating.