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Christmas Creations with Renshaw Extra

Wednesday 2nd December 2020

Christmas calls for festive creations of all kinds. We have compiled a selection of our favourite show-stopping cake designs using Renshaw Extra Ready to Roll Icing, which are sure to amaze a jolly crowd, as well as our 5 top reasons to use Renshaw Extra this holiday season.

5 Top Reasons to use Renshaw Extra this season:

  1. This extra stretchy paste minimises tearing when covering tall cakes, as well as making sharp edges easy to smooth. Perfect for those on-trend cake designs that you and your customers love.
  2. The icing can be rolled extra thin, making it highly economical. That’s also ideal if you’re looking for a thinner layer of sugar paste on your cakes too.
  3. Renshaw Extra can also be rolled through a sheeting machine, a great time saver for businesses with numerous orders to complete.
  4. The extra smooth finish that this icing provides results in a fantastic, high quality covering on your celebration cakes.
  5. Renshaw Extra icing is available in pack sizes from 1kg and up (great for large celebration cakes) and in staple colours such as White, Red, Black, and our newest Marshmallow flavour.

Emma Chamberlain’s Winter Wonderland Cake

This stunning creation captures the Christmas theme so elegantly. Emma has used White Renshaw Extra icing to cover the cake,  and carefully embellished it with sparkling snowflakes made from Renshaw Flower & Modelling Paste and Rainbow Dust Twinkle Dust. This really radiates the festive feel.

Renshaw Extra is the ideal icing for covering this tall, sharp-edged cake. The extra stretchy paste ensures easy coverage and less tearing on taller cakes, just like this one. Achieving sharp, precise edges with smoothers couldn’t be simpler to do with Renshaw Extra.

It gets better! This simple but effective sparkling snowflake design can be recreated with ease, no matter the size of your cake. Whether you’re making a treat for family, crafting a small number for your festive orders, or producing numerous cakes using a sheeting machine, this Winter Wonderland cake design is a sure way to make the festive rush run smoothly.

Emma has also shared some tips and techniques for decorating her Winter Wonderland cake in a video tutorial.


Suzanne Thorp’s Nutcracker Cake

This spectacular cake, suitably named “The Nutcracker”, is a sculpted cake made by the brilliant Suzanne Thorp of The Frostery, who you’ll recognise from Channel 4’s Extreme Cake Makers.

This merry masterpiece perfectly demonstrates the high standard and finish of Renshaw Extra when covering sculpted and unusually shaped cakes. Our deep Black and Red Renshaw Extra colours are festive favourites and save you the time of creating your own vibrant or deep coloured icing, which can be tricky.

Renshaw Extra can be rolled super thin to cover larger cakes like this one, making your festive decorating more economical, as a little goes a long way. This can be particularly helpful for any businesses who will be needing to use plenty of icing this season.

We think this iconic Christmas creation is a fantastic example of how icing can be applied to bring cake sculptures to life.


Mr Baker’s Cakes’ Festive S’mores Cake

A wonderful winter snack transformed into the cutest Christmas cake. Our Renshaw Academy Ambassador Rob Baker-Gall of Mr Baker’s Cakes has definitely earned a spot in our favourite festive cakes list, with his fantastic Festive S’mores Cake.

If you haven’t already tried our newest Marshmallow Flavour Extra Ready to Roll Icing, then this cake is the perfect opportunity to treat your tastebuds and impress your customers.

The American influence on sweet treats in the UK and around the World is never more prevalent than during the festive season, and we’re seeing marshmallow flavour trending and s’mores being toasted this side of the Atlantic.

A full tutorial on how to decorate this sweet celebration cake, including the products used, can be found here.


We hope you enjoy using Renshaw Extra on your Christmas Cakes this year! Be sure to show us your own Christmas creations on social @renshawbaking.

Happy Holidays!