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Childhood Baking Memories: Kids Baking Survey

Monday 24th February 2014

We think that baking is best when it’s shared with others. Nothing beats spending time and effort carefully measuring ingredients, mixing them up, decorating your creation and then watching family and friends tuck in and savour your hard work.

But we think that baking shouldn’t just be about sharing the delicious end result. It should also be about sharing our love of baking as a hobby, a skill and a craft, with others and helping them come to love it too. For most of us that starts with early baking experiences at home, usually helping bake a gooey chocolate cake or tray of biscuits.


In honour of childhood baking memories, we’ve launched a new survey to find out what baking you used to do as a kid, who you did it with and your favourite cakes, and how you’re passing on that love to the little ones in your life.

Everyone who enters gets a 15% discount voucher to spend on Renshaw products, and the first 100 entrants will get a FREE Primary Colour Multi-Pack, comprising five 100g packs of ready to roll icing in red, yellow, blue, green and black – perfect for getting creative in the kitchen with the kids.*

Enter the survey here but do hurry as the survey closes on Tuesday 11th March.

* The 15% discount voucher codes will be emailed to all survey entrants by the end of March 2014. The 100 winners of the Primary Colour Multi-Packs will receive them by the end of April 2014.