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Celebrate With Cake

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Hi there bakers,

With temperatures rising and the weather getting (slightly) better we’ve decided to focus on birthday and celebration cakes this month as we move towards one of the most glamorous times of the year, wedding season!

So with that in mind here’s our rundown of the top wedding trends of 2017 starting with…

Metallic Cakes

[Via poppypickering.co.uk]

Although metallic accents are nothing new when it comes to wedding cakes, times are changing as more and more cake decorators move away from the traditional gold and silver colours and now embrace bronze, rose gold and copper effects. The beauty of metallics is that they can be adapted to any wedding style and can simply be paired with a white tier to give the cake a fresh and modern feel. If an entire tier is too much for you, adding metallic decorations or leaf can give a touch of elegance to your cake for your special day.

Dessert Tables

[Via boho-weddings.com]

We’re big fans of dessert tables at Renshaw Baking as we believe one cake is never enough. When you cannot decide between cake types, dessert tables are the perfect solution. They’re also great for wedding receptions as it allows your guests to help themselves to something that suits their tastes. Surround your main centrepiece with cupcakes, biscuits, macarons or whatever takes your fancy. They’ve become more and more elaborate over the years with stunning backdrops and complementary colours being used and we expect these to be a big hit for the rest of 2017!

Semi-Naked Cakes

[Via polkadotbride.com]

Don’t worry they aren’t as rude as they sound! These rustic cakes continue to be a popular choice at weddings this year. Evolving from the naked cake, the semi-naked variant boasts a thin layer of buttercream around the outsides, showing off the sponge layers underneath. Although not new to the wedding scene, they can be beautifully decorated with fresh fruit or flowers to give your cake an elegant and modern look.

Botanic Cakes

[Via modwedding.com]

Hand-painted cakes are becoming more and more popular amongst cake decorators with some stunning designs taking centre stage at weddings this year. Designs including roses and sweet pea are high in demand and the colours can be adapted to compliment the theme of the overall day. If you would like to learn how to hand paint flowers, Renshaw Academy are running courses this June, check them out here.

Marble Cakes

[Via hitched.co.uk]

Now these beautiful swirly patterns are perfect for those of you that want minimalistic cakes. With no limit to the range of colours available, marbled cakes are set to be a big hit in 2017 with their sophisticated look and modern appeal. The marble effect is achieved by subtly mixing different shades of fondant together with the palette being fairly neutral with greys, cream and golds being popular.

If you’d not already heard, our Recipe of the Month competition for May has launched and this month’s theme is birthdays! If you’re looking for some inspiration or you have a birthday coming up, read on…

Film/Superhero Cakes

[Via catchmyparty.com]

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a cake! These have increased in popularity in past years partly thanks to the increase of superhero films being created in Hollywood with Batman, Superman and Guardians of the Galaxy all having blockbuster hits recently. Take inspiration from comics such as Marvel and DC and try and recreate your favourites.

Rainbow Cakes

[Via supergoldenbakes.com]

Always a popular choice with kids, rainbow cakes come in all shapes and sizes and are sure to be a big hit at parties. Kids and adults alike are always amazed by the array of different colours of sponge within and they aren’t as difficult to make as you might think. We’ve got our very own rainbow cake recipe here, or why not try one of our community recipes? Pots of gold may vary.

Drip Cakes

[Via creativevents.gg]

Drip cakes have made an appearance pretty much everywhere over the past couple of years and the trend has no signs of stopping as bakers everywhere continue to create these delicious looking cakes. It’s possible to use melted chocolate for your drip but to get perfect results we’d recommend using a delicious ganache. Feel free to add colouring gel to achieve bold and bright colours and give your cake that wow factor.

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