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Caramel Week Baking Inspiration

Tuesday 19th September 2017

We’re preparing ourselves for the first ever Caramel Week on The Great British Bake Off, with some mouthwatering caramel inspired bakes.

Now we’re in Autumn, we can’t think of a better ingredient to add to our bakes than the warming sensation of caramel. What’s even better is that it’s so versatile, so you can mix and match other flavour and types of bake.

Hopefully the GBBO contestants don’t get themselves into any sticky situations with caramel in the latest episode, though!

Salted Caramel Cake Pops

These salted caramel cake pops provide a mouthful of scrummy caramelly goodness, surrounded by chocolate. They’re super easy to make and you could decorate them however you want, a great recipe to get the younger ones involved. And why stick to the heart shape? Try stars, flowers, any shape you fancy! One thing is guaranteed though, they’ll be delicious.

Sticky Toffee Cupcakes

Even though these sticky toffee cupcakes are decorated for Halloween, that’s no excuse not to make them right now. With a sweet batter made using dates, and the addition of caramel, our taste buds are tingling just thinking about this sweet pairing. Caramel is a popular choice all year round, but there’s something about Autumn that makes it so much more appealing, and with this recipe we can see why.

Caramel Blondie Cups

This scrummy recipe is by Britt Whyatt aka She Who Bakes. Her easy to follow YouTube video shows you exactly how to make these caramel blondie cups. As caramel is the main ingredient you could be creative and make your own twist, adding a fruit flavour or another chocolate, but remember that additional ingredients will change the consistency. A good tip for following YouTube videos is to have all your ingredients weighed out before, so that you can follow the video seamlessly.

Peanut and Banana Caramel Cupcakes

By adding a bit of fruit, it classes as one of your five-a-day, right? Maybe not, but that’s what we’re telling ourselves. These peanut and banana caramel cupcakes are divine. Even better, there’s a video on how to make them, so every single step is covered, meaning they’re guaranteed to come out as good as they look on in the video! These cupcakes are by CupcakeJemma, who makes some amazing cakes! Check out her other recipes, there’s bound to be something that will tickle your fancy.

Make Your Own Caramel

We can’t think of anything better than having your own jar of salted caramel to hand whenever you fancy! A little pot of heaven. By making this caramel in a large batch, you can easily add it to any recipe, plus, fewer dishes the next time you bake! This recipe is also by Cupcake Jemma, she has plenty of YouTube videos to keep you busy, with around 20 recipes using caramel! Amazing.

The very talented Sabine Guilhem, makes her own caramel and uses it in her creations, such as her takeaway dessert pots! (Genius.) In a tub, she combines a selection of tasty ingredients, layering fruit, caramel, cream and cake, a combination which sounds like pure bliss! Why not try this simple way of creating a pud, or lay out an array of tasty snacks and let everyone make their own preferred recipe, the possibilities are endless.

We hope we’ve given you some great inspiration to celebake all things caramel!

Happy Baking 🙂