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Cake Quilling Ideas

Monday 19th January 2015

If you’re a keen cake decorator but are looking for a new idea to keep your cakes looking fun and impressive, then try your hand at quilling with Ready to Roll Icing or Flower and Modelling Paste.

You may already be aware of quilling as a form of paper craft, in which paper is folded or shaped into pleats, curls and different shapes.

You can achieve the same effect with icing for larger designs or flower paste for more intricate detailing for your cake design.

Quilling is a great way of adding a 3D effect to your cakes, by building up shapes like petals and hearts, and using bright colours in your quilling against a pale background really makes your design stand out.

(Image: All Things Paper)

This technique also makes a nice change from modelling flowers in a traditional way, and you can still cascade your quilled flowers down the side of your cakes, or use them as cake toppers to look like a bunch of colourful flowers.

(Three tiered cake: Nadia) (Two tiered cake: Cake Central)

Creating a feather effect with the quilling technique also looks really impressive. A great example is the peacock cake from House of the Rising Cake which has feathers that gradually get larger towards the bottom of the cake, and the icing has been quilled in different colours for each feather to give the effect of the peacock feather pattern.

(Cake by: House of the Rising Cake)

There are so many different ideas for you to try with quilling, so why not try this technique out next time you come to decorate a cake. We’d love to see what designs you come up with so keep in touch with us through Facebook (Renshaw Baking), Twitter and Instagram (@renshawbaking).