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Cake International 2018

Friday 9th November 2018

Cake International 2018

If you enjoyed Cake International as much as we did, you are sure to have had a brilliant weekend. There was so much going on that you could have spent all weekend there; this blog will feature some of the show’s highlights.

Molly’s Mermaid

How incredible was this colourful, shimmering mermaid by Molly Robbins? And the best part… she used 10kg of our new Cassis Ready to Roll Icing for the Mermaid’s hair. This means that Molly used a staggering 30kg of Ready to Roll Icing as well as other Renshaw products. ‘Maggie the Merm’ gained so much attention over the weekend because there’s so much to see in one feature. How many sea creatures can you see on this spectacular cake?

Peach Life

A collaboration of 27 people and approximately 75kg of our Modelling Paste, 47kg of our Belgian Chocolate Paste and 6 tubs of Royal Icing; this feature looked very impressive. Peach Life was a combination of characters from various different Roald Dahl books such as Matilda, The Twits, The BFG, James and the Giant Peach etc. I’m sure anyone who saw this feature will agree this was pretty special.


Trapeze Artist

This feature left many people who saw this at the show speechless, us included. How is this even possible? Emma Jayne, a renowned cake artist amongst many cake fans in the UK, always produces the best of the best but somehow she’s outdone herself this time and produced her best cake yet using 13kg of our Belgian White Chocolate Modelling Paste. Was this the best cake of the show?


Sweet Armistice

The British Sugarcraft Guild came up with the lovely idea of combining a number of sugar poppies in light of Remembrance Day the following weekend. It was nice to see the number of people participating with this stand because it was in aid of a good cause.


Nursery Rhyme Collaboration

Did you catch Jacqui Kelly and Marc Suarez working on their collaboration on the Renshaw and Rainbow Dust stands? They were giving out some great tips and you got to see professionals in action! We loved this quirky piece which they worked on all weekend, they did a brilliant job!


War Horse

Emma Jayne. Again. This time with her breath-taking War Horse feature, which Renshaw were proud to sponsor. The eight-foot-long, 240kg sculpture was formed from 50kg Rice Krispies, 50kg marshmallows, and decorated with 70kg each of Renshaw sugar paste and modelling paste, all at her home in Aberdare, Wales. You can find out the moving story behind this art piece here.


Competition Cakes

Miguel (Coco)

One of the smaller cakes at the show but most definitely one of the best. Due to its size, it makes the details extremely hard so precision is key. This was made using Renshaw Modelling Paste and Modelling Chocolate.

By Stephanie Would



Karen won gold for her ‘Frankin-Bunny’ which is impressive anyway but even more so since it was her first time using our Chocolate Modelling Paste. We imagine this cake scored 10/10 for originality because we love the design and the execution.

By Karen Mitchell

Wedding Cake

This is such a grand wedding cake. A cake like this must have taken so much time and patience to create what with all the decorations around it. All of the decorations were made using Renshaw Flower and Modelling Paste. There’s no doubt this cake received gold!

By Nina Evans Williams

Two Piggy’s


How cute are these two little piggy’s? Not only are the pigs made perfectly but the floor and the fence are absolutely outstanding. The pigs were made using our Belgian Chocolate Modelling Paste. It most certainly is time to celebrate because this cake won best in category.

By Kate Elizabeth Bartlett

Gordon the Grumpy Eagle

Gordon the Grumpy Eagle obviously won gold, just look at it! This was made using our Renshaw Extra which some people love to sculpt cakes with because of its ability to be rolled out thinly and not tear.

By Hayley O’Beirnes


Best in Show

Xian Wei Yeo’s cake was voted Best in Show this year by judges with this four-tier wedding cake. There’s bespoke and then there’s this, the decorations are out of this world. Do you notice that when you look closely at the detail, there’s even more detail on top of the detail? Detailed detail, crazy!

Photo by Cake International


We hope you’ve been inspired by all of the incredible work at Cake International. We can’t wait for the next one!

For now, let’s just relive some of our favourite moments from the weekend…