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Brilliant Bakes for Bread Week ?

Wednesday 12th September 2018

Its bread week on #GBBO! So we have put together a batch of great bakes inspired by and using real bread so you too can rise to the challenge.

Remember to enter your wonderful creations into our Battle Of the Bakes competition, for the chance of winning baking treats and accessories, as well as a trip to Birmingham for this year’s Cake International. ?

Fantastic Fruit Breads


Traditionally a Christmas goody, Stollen bread is packed full of dried fruit and is the perfect companion to a hot cup of tea. An excellent bake for a beginner, our Cranberry Stollen recipe uses our delicious marzipan and is quick and easy to make. Alternatively check out this  yummy BBC Banana Bread Recipe!

Top tip¬†? –¬† To sweeten your bake without sugar, ripen your bananas in the oven unpeeled¬†until the skin begins to turn black, allow to cool, peel then add to your bread mix. Delicious!


Mouthwatering Burger Cakes


If you are after something a little different, check out these burger cakes. Adaptable to different skill sets, these cakes are great for birthdays or would make the perfect gift. If you are feeling confident and up for the challenge, try Sugar Geek Show’s super detailed double cheeseburger with fries. If that looks too difficult give The Cake Room’s Big Mac a try. For a smaller take on the trend, try High Five Cakes’¬†classic chicken burger and lettuce.

Top tip ? РTo keep your cake fresher for longer, secure bread using toothpicks on either side of your sliced cake. This will ensure no air can get at your cake keeping it soft and spongy.


Emoji Bread Faces

Not a confident baker? Not a problem! Take inspiration from The Baking Nanna’s Chocolate Emoji bread. For an extra chocolate hit, use our new Belgian Chocolate Modelling Paste to create fun facial features. Why not try making your favourite emoji face using Rainbow Dust ProGels to colour your dough, giving a sheen to your emoji’s eyes with Rainbow Dust Metallic Paints.

Top tip ? РTo make your own gluten-free flour, simply blend gluten-free oats into a powder and get baking!

Hot Dog Cake Buns

Hot Dog anyone? For a super cute treat, why not give these miniature hot dogs created by Totally Sugar a go? Made using Renshaw marzipan and our new Belgian Chocolate Modelling Paste these bakes are sure to leave an impression at any tea party! Choose your favourite pup and go get decorating!

Top tip¬†?¬†–¬† If you have over-baked your cake just a little too much, shave off the burnt cake using a vegetable peeler. You’re welcome!


Fun Pizza Cakes


A great bake for a rainy day, and an excellent way of keeping the kids entertained try these fun pizza cakes. The ideal bake for beginners, this cake allows you to be as messy as you want when covering your cake. The more creases and dents in the fondant the more realistic the pizza crust will look. Try creating an effect similar to Merci Cakes’s thick crust design, by using¬†Rainbow Dust Powder Colours, to brown the bread giving it a burnt look. If you are stuck for toppings to adorn your pizza crust cake, check out these designs by¬†Molly Robbins, using fondant.

Top tip¬†?¬†– If you don’t have a rolling pin use a wine bottle or tall glass to roll your fondant.


Can’t decide what flavor to make your sponge? Take a look at our recipe page¬†for even more inspiration and baking ideas!¬†?